Big Difference In Size Of Profile Folder

  • Windows 7, newest iteration of Opera (46.0.2597.46 (PGO)), in checking the size of the folder (Opera Stable) vs older version 45 that it replaced, I find the total size of the folders are 873 MB (new version) vs 585 MB. Looking within the main folder (Opera Stable in AppData/Roaming/Opera Software/Opera Stable/), I find the File System folders there is a HUGE difference in size::

    Newest version File System folder size is 304 MB
    Older Version File System folder size is 580 KB.

    What is going on, is this a normal difference in the 2 versions (45 vs 46)...or not.

    Is it possible to delete the File System folder without losing any data??


  • Data? Whose data? The file system folder is for saved website data, web apps (the various office or mail sites) use it to store your data. Opera will work fine without it, except that those sites will take longer to load - and of course after you visit them their data will be back. (Naturally some other sites use it too, to save things you typed into forms and so on.)

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