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[Solved]URL for FULL opera windows 7 FOR off line install

  • The trouble is I can only find a small setup download BUT YOU HAVE TO BE ON LINE TO INSTALL IT.

    I COULD of gone balled if the other day ripping my hair out trying find a FULL opera download.

    The other problem is at the download page I try to right click on mouse & download to USB flash drive (because I am at the library or internet café, but all I get is it wants to save a HTML file

    The better news is I managed to get the latest firefox so since it is more fun to make everything hard than to make things easy maybe I should go with that.

    I would be happy to connect to internet like I used to be, but since internet has moved from the telephone dial up web masters have gone nuts and are making "data hungry" websites a example they put a great big 12000 * 8000 pixel picture on internet and chop it down to say 120*80 pixel picture using HTML code, & that is way my 1 Gigabyte data goes in a flash, in the dial up days these picture would take 1/2 a hour to download.

    I little website data informer would be good to have on the browser. I would set it to say 500 Kilobytes any website page bigger than that the browser would bring up warning "This Webpage is data hungry! would you like to proceed so it uses up all your data, and drains you bank account?"

  • The link can be seen on this page (if you want to know where it came from) and is

    Mind you, I'd usually get it from the FTP site myself, but just to prove it is on their website also ...

  • FTP is considerably less secure than HTTPS

  • Is there some reason I'd worry about that on a file download?

  • The reason could be anything from a hostile state actor to a compromised network node or malicious WiFi access point. With an unencrypted protocol like FTP, anyone along the transmission line could substitute files in transit (and the technique is actively being exploited.) There's no good reason to use an insecure protocol like FTP.

  • if you download the exe from FTP, check the digital signatures in file properties.

  • Thank you sgunhouse I dont believe it, I went to the URL

    And it was downloaded in a flash 37.849 Meg of it.
    The other day before I asked at this web site all I could get was setup files about 5 Meg in file size.
    No matter how many word variation word options I still got the same.

    I used to get latest browser of computer magazine CD-ROM but since the end of the telephone line dial up days (56 K modem) all the CD-ROMs had was short setup files that you had to connect to internet to get the latest build. Needles to say now they dont sell computer magazines with CD-ROMs (I WONDER WHY)

    I have put this URL at my personnel website, so I hope it does not change for next time & I do not have to ask again.

    Thank you again

  • he other day before I asked at this web site all I could get was setup files about 5 Meg in file size.
    No matter how many word variation word options I still got the same.

    Maybe you were requesting the online installer?

  • no no i asked google for off line installer. Having said & now I am at home & use cell phone. The small installer program is called OPERASETUP.EXE & 1.131 MB while the file i just used to install opera 46 is called OPERA_46.0259.46_SETUP.EXE & 37.849 MB maybe i did see the word SETUP & rejected it