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Stop Opera Mini from opening new tab on switch to app

  • Using Opera Mini 26.0.2254.117551 on Android 6.0.1.

    When I switch to Opera Mini after it's been in the background for awhile, it opens a new tab rather than opening to one of the tabs I already had open. Is there any way to prevent this?

  • @kentchristopher:

    not mini's fault, nothing that you (or opera) can do about.

    android reallocates ram memory used by inactive apps hanging around in the background to active processes when required.

    most apps on unrooted droidphones are autostarting at boot, so even a generous ram memory is cluttered with cr@pload, and app data (your mini pages) is purged to free up some ram.

    some improvement: deactivate or remove unneccessary apps; or root your device, delete garbage apps, stop boot autostart and auto restarts.

  • @cubot

    Thanks for the reply. The thing is, Chrome doesn't open a new tab when I switch to it even when it's been inactive for a far longer period, so it does seem that something can be done about this.

  • Here Mini is not opening a new tab when I switch to it from another app.

  • @kentchristopher:

    opera mini isn't a 'real' browser like firefox or chrome, opera4android and other chromium variants. it just serves as a front-end on the users' side to interact with opera's web proxy servers and to display the rendered pages that are processed and prepared there and sent in encrypted and compressed data form to mini on the users' side.

    the big browsers do all that themselves on the smartphone and therefore have more control over their pages.


    afaikt it's about mini reloading previously opened tabs when being reopened. on factory-standard samsung a3/2016 this happens more often than on a rooted and cleaned phone despite twice the ram size. ugh.

  • Actually such behaviour has nothing to do with RAM management or proxy architecture of Opera Mini. When you restore Opera Mini after an hour or two (I don't remember exactly), then new tab is opened. The idea was probably to let the user search or access news faster. If there are more voices from users that they don't like it, we may change that. For now I can only suggest to get used to this or use Opera Mini more often, so that you don't exceed the time for new tab to open 😉

  • @mbaluta:

    many thanks for your explanation.

    very commendable and ressuring to get a tech clarification from source.

    and sry for barking up ze rong tree.

  • @mbaluta Wouldn't it make sense to simply make it an option which can be disabled in settings? As is, this is a great example of intended convenience being an inconvenience.

  • @mbaluta Here is a user, who dont't like it, cause I want to look at my open tabs and not everytime to close the new tab first! I also dont't like the automatically refresh of the open tabs!

  • when I browse website in high mode. Then I click on any link, then always Opera Mini automatically opens a new tab containing ads !!!!! Annoying

  • when I browse website in high mode. Then I click on any link, then always Opera Mini automatically opens a new tab containing ads !!!!! Annoying

    It's not related to this topic. Anyway, there is nothing much that can be done on such situations because you have clicked on the link and it triggered the ad and it may be difficult to know if the behavior was intentional or not.