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Opera using too much memory with lots of tabs opened and bookmarks

  • On my Opera (win 7, 46.0.2597.32 (PGO) ), I have 2 tabs open and there are 18 proecesses listed in Task Manager for just those 2. I have always said here since I installed New Opera (by the way I LOVE new Opera), it uses way too many resources, and definitely bumps up my CPU temp (laptop) more than I think it should.

    Maybe leocg (who does yeoman service here) can explain this, and also tell us what kind of resources Old Opera used (I know it didn't use this many processes as NO) and what the differences are.

    Just as a back of the envelope comparison, I ran the same 2 tabs separately opened one at a time...(Opera Forums and Drudge Report), Old Opera 32 used one process of 149,000 K, and New Opera used 588,000 K, with 18 processes running. BIG difference!!


  • Well, I'm kinda having the same problem. But a little bit different.
    For me the memory usage increased with Opera which added WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger into the browser.
    It's not a biggie for me, I can live with it (I disabled/unchecked both anyway).

    What bothers me is that with Opera 46.0.2597.32 (Windows 10 64-bit) Mixcloud doesn't work fine anymore ... mouse cursor with blue wheels starts to blink after is press "play" button. It doesn't matter do I have just 1 or lots of tabs opened, it keeps blinking even when the browser is minimized or is in the background or other tab is opened. After closing Opera, the blinking stops.
    Opera task manager shows same time flashing GPU process ... see gif image below

    Same issue also with Google Maps

    Sometimes it happens also with Soundcloud and IG, but only when lots of tabs opened and only when scrolling the page. Blinking stops after mouse click.
    Twitter, FB and YT working fine.
    With Vivaldi, Firefox, Edge no problems with Mixcloud showing up.

    I tried without extensions, cleared history, cleaned profile folder, updated Flash player ... nothing helped.
    Finally after hardware acceleration is enabled the problem with blinking mouse cursor seems to be gone.
    But something tells me it ain't the right solution.

    PS! Opera 46.0.2597.32 loads speed-dials a lot longer/slower than before.

  • Norre, seems like a different issue, start a thread of your own then.

    Leo, I remember people talking about some bookmarks' $hit updating even when page's not open. Like icons or stuff.
    Can this be the case? Is there settings to prevent such "idle" updating?

  • mouse cursor with blue wheels starts to blink after is press "play" button.

    What is no way related to this topic subject of discussion, so please create your own thread to talk about it.

  • I remember people talking about some bookmarks' $hit updating even when page's not open. Like icons or stuff.
    Can this be the case?

    I don't know. Anyway Opera's task manager should be showing an unusual memory usage in some process.

  • leo, can you address the resources issue as it relates to how New Opera is using a lot more resources than Old Opera. (See my entry above where I compared the two side by side separately for the same 2 tabs).


  • Hi,

    I'm not sure if I understand all new comments correctly and inhowfar they would refer to the original problem described, but I can tell that I also have the bookmarks' icons (or the particular bookmarks icons feature in Opera) under suspicion for causing the high RAM use and also the long time it takes for relaunching Opera.

    Background is that this feature is important for me, because I like to indentify bookmarks and especially different bookmark types with icons. In that, this is a crucial feature for me.

    There are at least two indications for this as a major root of the problem.

    1: When setting a new bookmark I mostly have to change the icon of the bookmark in a 'second step', i.e. basically an additional setting of the very same bookmark. This slows down Opera twice in short time, which burdens RAM use as well as the operarion of the CPU (you can hear it clearly). Furthermore, such bookmarks setting of more than one bookmark increase RAM use little by little as described above.

    2: Relaunching Opera after a breakdown or regularly seems time-consuming because of this particular feature (i.e., loading all bookmarks WITH correct icons assigned). This is obvious as it is one of the processes during the relaunch that seems to last forever).

    So, considering the very high number of bookmarks creating a large bookmarks file, this might explain the high resources consumption by Opera. If there are indeed such things is background update of icons of bookmarks, i.e. even for tabs not opened, this seems to be even more plausible. Similarly, if Opera works in a way to have ALL booksmarks with correct icon 'ready' when Opera is open I should probably not wonder at all ... 🙂

    I have one addtional small problem since today for which I'm not sure if it is relevant for a new discussion:

    Opera has changed some settings, but not the entire language, from the language I use in Opera to English. This would not worry me that much. However, I'm wondering if it could indicate a more relevant bug. But perhaps it disappears with the very next update.

  • In the last few weeks I have been repeatedly suffering with a tab closing and a message saying Ran out of memory (reload).

    I would understand this if I had many tabs open but it has happened with as few as 2 open tabs. This is not good enough.

    I first came to Opera because it was a light system. This now struggles more than Chrome, incredibly. Traditionally, Chrome has used far more memory than Opera.

  • You need 64x version of opera with your usage.

  • Yeah, I found that Opera uses way more RAM than it did in the past. Sometimes I have 50+ tabs open and opera might be using 8+ gigs of RAM, but I have never had a slow down, even on my low powered laptop.