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Problème connexion VPN

  • Bonjour, depuis quelques temps je ne peux plus utiliser la VPN. A chque fois que je veux me connecter, le curseur reste en orange et j'ai le message conexion ... et c'est tout. Rien ne se passe, obligé de mettre le bouton sur off. Quelqu'un a t-il une solution? C'est bien dommage, moi qui utilise Opéra depuis très longtemps. Malgré les mises à jours cela ne fonctionne pas ou de temps en temps mais assez rare. Si un membre peut m'aider, cela serait sympa.

  • Please use English on this forum.

  • Unfortunately we do not have a French forum. If you can repost in English we will try to help. (I can make out something about being unable to connect to the VPN ... but not enough details to diagnose it further.)

  • Try Settings > Privacy and Security > Clean navigation data > select 'third part data'.

  • I just encountered a problem with vpn that I created myself - may help some people. I had checked added filters at opendns, "proxy/anonymizer" and "p2p". After I unchecked the proxy/anonymizer and p2p filters there, the vpn started working again. So, some people may encounter the same problem with similar situations, whether dns filtering or some other form like corporate network filtering is preventing connection to the surfeasy vpn servers.

    I suspect it was only the proxy/anonymizer filter that was preventing the connection, as in the past i had to specifically allow some sites like the .opera-mini.net and others when that filter was active.

    Also, check any form of parental controls - eithe os level or built into router - as they can filter proxies.

  • Hi,
    for those interested, there is an unofficial francophone forum at this address opera-fr.ovh

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