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Opera 20 - Another unhappy loyal supporter

  • @samkook

    You're so right. On a lot of issues, where a response or discussion has been helpful. And especially given the forum search situation. Put it in the suggestion box. 🙂 The idea would be, perhaps, an Opera person or moderator(s) can go through the forum to select items for a stickied topic on different subject areas.

  • I concur that some form of prominent FAQ (sticky or otherwise) addressing the most-often-asked questions or most-often-voiced complaints would be extremely useful, at least until the wave of Presto Opera users testing the waters of Blink Opera has greatly subsided. While, on the surface, many of the voiced issues seem 'politically' charged because of the outspokenness of many posters, there's little doubt in my mind that direct, "neutral" explanations could be created for which features from Presto simply aren't present in Blink, which ones are obtainable in some new way (including extensions) different from Presto Opera, and which ones are still present but now embedded some way within other-named features or settings. In watching countless threads come and go here, I've noted some excellent answers and explanations at times presented in threads, so it's apparent to me that good FAQ explanations can indeed be generated without inflaming poster discontent. The challenge would be in creating it in the first place and then keeping it updated as version improvements impact the explanations.

  • Pretty much a load of tripe (but why doesn't that surprise me?). The Big Bad USA. The evil MS empire. The good European browser so misunderstood. Oh how wonderful Presto was but sadly... such poor marketing. What utter nonsense. Man do you need to get over yourself and wake up to reality. Thankfully Opera has done just that and it will be much better off for it in the long run ... yes, minus a few thousand whining geeks but with tens of thousands of new "average" users who couldn't care less about all the ultra configurable nature of Presto.

    Typical pompous and erroneous response from you and no need to get your patriotic panties in a bunch. I said big American companies, emphasis on companies. Of course it's not just my opinion seeing as Opera themselves complained to the EU about the very thing I mentioned which led to Microsoft being sued for antitrust and the inclusion of the browser ballot box for EU Windows installs.

    Opera's desktop numbers have been on a steady decline as well so it would appear that your mastering of tripe is on full display. The future might hold different results but until then your opinion is just that.

  • Well,I had installed the new opera a while back and deleted it. But I did not realize that the progress bar was gone. That was indeed the first thing I noticed when I fist stumbled onto opera desktop about 8 years ago and will not use a browser without it

  • @rlaing0727 In the Android forum area but relevant:

  • I recently installed Opera 26 and, as already said above, it was a huge disappointment.

    Many features that I liked and used to in Opera 12 are gone! F4 panels are gone, Progress bar is gone... all features that made me stick to Opera, although other colleagues laughed at me saying it's the browser used by only me and couple more people in the world.

    Anyway I'm looking for a replacement now, and won't continue with Opera until it improves and returns some of the amazing features that made it different from others.

    I hope this appeal will come to some Opera guys! (although I doubt it)

  • Oh yes, I forgot to mention - CTRL + TAB doesn't switch between two latest tabs, but between all opened tabs - disaster 😞 Now I can use Chrome, there's really no difference...

  • I'm very sad about this Opera's suicide marketing movement of killing "Presto" version to be another Webkit fork.

    New Opera versions lost features used by loyal users, like F12 to be able to disable javascript, connectors and site options, F4 to fast access to bookmarks and other functions of left pane, minimized MDI windows (my favorite), the very fast and usefull feature of selecting some URL and open it clicking on gray backgroud area, size of windows in the title and may other usefull features for advanced users and web developers.

    I can understand the change to a new render engine, but not to remove all the original and usefull features that make Opera a different and better browser.

    Personally I will keep Opera 12.16 as much as I can, but the world is moving. The last Wordpress release make Opera 12.16 unusable to edit new posts, so I'm slowly moving to Firefox, not to the new Opera, because there is no a single advantage to use it.

    I'm a Opera user since 1996, I was a pay user, I would be willing to pay up to $50 a year to have back the lost features, but, you prefer to throw all your loyal users in the garbage.

    Good luck with your new policy.

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