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Opera 20 - Another unhappy loyal supporter

  • I'll add my voice to the chronicle of failure that is ver 15+ as well. No menus, no bookmarks, no preferences, forced SpeedDial (of which I'm not a fan), seemingly no provision for changing (or even setting-up) the homepage. If I wanted my computer to be a phone I wouldn't have bought a computer. And to add another insult to the situation, it appears they've moved ver 12 downloads to a server from 1999 (20k/s? Really?). Or maybe there are just so many people downloading the old version that the server is overloaded. Right.

    Opera used to be a trend-setter which everyone else tried to copy - now they seem to be taking other people's bad ideas and making them worse. I would (and do) use early ver 12 above any other browser on the market because of customization and efficiency. But the newer versions? FF's bookmarks may be a mess, but at least they work. I honestly don't understand why someone would intentionally take a good, useful piece of software and make it less useful than the products with which they're trying to compete. They even somehow managed to make it worse than Chrome, which is really saying something. So I guess that's that - the end of an era. I'd held out hope that they'd eventually come to their senses and start producing a useable piece of software again but I'm giving up. I'll use 12 until it'll no longer handle whatever horrors are planned for future HTML revisions, but after that it looks like Firefox unless someone else steps in. I guess this is what happens when you grasp desperately for market share at the expense of logic and sanity (and actual users), and it has to stop somewhere.

  • @sesquipedalian

    What you're saying is a lot of nonsense. You say, "no bookmarks. My man, you are jesting Opera 20 is absolutely not a browser without bookmarks. Where do you come up with something like that. That's a lot of millarky. Absolute, and total. Opera 20 has tons and tons of bookmarking -- from in the Speed Dial (with folders), to the Personal bookmarks toolbar to, Stash to bookmarking extensions in both the Opera and Chrome extension stores. It has more bookmarking possibilities than probably any browser on the market, and cerainly more than IE, Firefox, and Chrome (all of which I have on my computer and tested). I'll take Opera 20 for bookmarking any day. I can listen to and understand other gripes, but this one is beyond ridiculous.

    You say no "menu" or "preferences." Now click on the Opera tab in the far left, and you get your menus. Go to settings, and you have a lot of preferences. You can set up a home page in lieu of the Speed dial. On Settings, browser, Startup, put a check in either the pages where you left off, or in specific pages that you can make your home page. While I can't explain how to do it I understand you can make your home page even something based on a location in your computer.

    Look, either browse in Opera 12, or chose any another browser. There are legitimate things that a person might prefer in Opera 12 over Opera 20. Opera 20 is a different product. I can tell you all the fine things, I like about Opera 20, which I do think is a terrific browser, but I'm not going to waste more time on you. We've heard this general type of basically "whining" post so many times before that you are wasting the time of the forum with it.

  • I'll use 12 until it'll no longer handle whatever horrors are planned for future HTML revisions, but after that it looks like Firefox unless someone else steps in.

    Stick with Opera 12 and be happy. I know that I am content with Opera 20 so I plan to continue with it. Have a good one.

  • @lem729 maybe he did not use the new Opera, everyone that used can find menus, bookmarks, preferences. The new Speed Dial in Opera 15+ is the best.

  • Opera 20 is a joke and until it improves I will never use it again!

  • No need to post empty ;))) blather. Many users enjoy. Others prefer Opera 12.16. It's all based on one's need and personal prefernce. Opera 20 is fast, innovative, renders sites better than Opera 12, and I find it super. Each to his own. Have a wonderfu, day, Wyzard!

  • Opera 20 is fast, innovative, renders sites better than Opera 12

    You mean except for this forum who is rendered better with opera 12 🙂

  • Do you think? It's close, perhaps.

  • The posts with a new replies don't have a dark gray background on v20. Not a big deal, but enough to say it's not renderer properly.

  • What I really do not understand is why those of us who hate Opera with Blink are considered anti-progress, old-world-advocaters and evil conservatives. I love progress. I really would love to see Opera progress, but here is what Opera Blink / Next / New engine / etc. has brought us:

    • no 64-bit version
    • simpler yet less useful bookmarks
    • no customer support from Opera

    And these lacking features are why we (or at least me) loved Opera in first place. Take these out, and it does not deserve to be called Opera any more. Also I do not see the point in making a very ill copy of Chrome with way less features. If I wanted Chrome, I would install Chrome. Which is not a browser, but a spy-software. But to have a dumb version of Chrome with a red O on it? Why would I? It makes no sense. And not because I would be against progress. I am against meaningless stuff - especially with a very reduced feature-set.

    But don't worry! No Opera developer, customer service, officer, marketing or sales person will ever read your comments. Not connected to Opera Next, but in the meantime of launching Opera Next they removed all customer support contact possibilities, help desk, Facebook send message feature, etc.

    So: we can fume as much as we like, but they do not pay attention to us. Looks like that customers are no longer important.

  • Opera 20 gives lightening fast speed, is attractive, minimalist, has the best Speed Dial, sans pareil, on the internet, giving the innovative feature of creating folders within each speed dial position. It has other innovations, like Stash, Off-Road Mode Discover. Yes, tgaal, you are a customer, so if you are unhappy, stay with Opera 12, or go to another browser. You know what they say: you can please some of the people some of the time, but can never please all of the people all of the time. Look, a browser is more than a catalogue of features, except for what Freud appeared to describe in his essays as the anally compulsive 🙂

  • So: we can fume as much as we like, but they do not pay attention to us. Looks like that customers are no longer important.

    Fuming, whining and complaining simply don't work so yes, it's a waste of time and energy. Asking for the return of certain features in the appropriate blogs where your request will be seen can produce positive results. As far as customers no longer being important, bear a couple of things in mind. First off, you are a non-paying customer. Secondly, the fuming, angry "customer" (i.e. user) is relatively unimportant given that a good portion will remain with Opera anyway and a great many more new users are being added daily to the user base. Learn to pick your battles more wisely.

  • As I said in October, I don't care much about the rendering engine. I care about the interface and the configuration and security tools.

    You are aware the rendering engine forms part of the backbone of any browser. You can have all the feature in the world but if too many sites are broken the browser will be useless. Besides if that's your attitude why don't you just stick with Opera 12. The rendering engine is a complete dog but there are features galore!

  • Hi everybody,

    I do not usually post messages on forums but I'm very disappointed with the last version of Opera.
    I'm using Opera for around 10 years now.
    I had to reinstall my computer last week so I updated my version of Opera with the latest one.

    No page to manage the bookmark : ok I can add bookmark at the top of the page but it's not very practical.
    It was better before.
    How can we save sessions?

    To do research I used Ixquick, search engine I setup as default in Opera 12.
    Now you have to use by default the following search engine : Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Wikipedia...
    Why I can't define another search engine by default??

    In addition, before (with Opera 12) you had a shortcut at right top to reopen closed tab.
    Now you have to go in the menu and select recently closed... why did you change this!
    I had to install an extension which is not as good as what we had in Opera 12.

    Perhaps I will come back to Opera 12 or another browser.
    Or do you have ideas to fix the missing functionality we had before?

  • You can reopen the last closed tab by right-clicking anywhere on the tab bar. Why do you need an extension?

    There are no sessions, best you could do is save things as a bookmark or speed dial folder. (Yes, you can right-click a speed dial folder and Open All.)

  • @maximiliennoireaut

    Your issues are a repeat mostly of what's been discussed ad infinitum in the forum. There are threads on most of it.

    Now Opera 21 works differently than Opera 12. Certainly, you need to consider whether to do without an extension, though A lot of the customizing now comes via extension. It's your decison there. Even if it's not all the same, you can get a lot of what you want.

    For sessions, here's a Chrome extension called Session Buddy, which is very popular and has a lot of downloads.

    There may be other extensions for Sessions too. You need to research it if you want something else.

    You can download and install on the new Opera a Chrome extension, as long as you have the Opera Extension, Called "Download Chrome Extension."

    It sounds like you would like an easier way to bookmark and manage bookmarks.

    I would add the Opera Extension, Add Bookmark

    And also a good bookmark manager. The one I use now is Neater Bookmarks

    Also many happy users, and a lot of downloads.

    As for search engines, the problem Opera had is that a lot of the search engines were being hijacked, and the person doing the search sent to dangerous (malware, etc) sites. So the default engines are limited (and rightly so: surely you would not have wanted Opera to be exposing you to danger). So, that should be no big problem. If you go to a page with the ixquick search that you like, and right click on a search bar there (here's a possible page for that)

    you can add it too Opera. You can try this page. When you right click, you add it -- and notice it looks like the critical letter that you will have to type before your search query is an i (unless you change it). Fine, now when you do an ixquick search in Opera, just type the i before your search in the main Opera address bar. i (space) and then the search query. It's no big deal.

    Finally for undoing closed tabs, just click on the Opera Menu (top left of the browser) and four down from the top, you can see Recently Closed. Click on that and you can undo recently closed tabs. If you want more functionality, I use the Chrome Extension, Sexy Undo Closed Tab, I think it's great, and gives you more functionality there than you ever had with Opera 12.

    In any event, everything may not be exactly the same, but believe me, there is tons and tons of functionality. You just need to do a little work setting things up the way you want.

  • One thing which is't nice with extension is how they usually looks. Each extension has different style, starting from it's icon...

    If Opera has to be simple, perhaps Opera Software should provide us a few well designed extensions? 🙂

  • Which ones? We'd all, perhaps, have different favorites? Opera put in the browser what they felt was essential, and from there it's the world of extensions, or be happy with the basic browser. The main issue, though, is that this lament over lost functionality is bogus. Yes, not everything is the same, but some things with extensions are more and better. What I try to do is read the reviews of extensions, by doing a search for them on the internet. Also I look at how many downloads there are. Now you can uninstall extensions if you don't like them. But if the attack is on extensions, per se, there's nowhere to go with it. That's the new adopted model. By the way I remember a few years ago when everyone in the Opera Forum was attacking Active X.

  • I updated to Opera 21 yesterday and (if a user here is correct) I had Opera 16 before. It was at least before the design began looking like Chrome. Sure, it is fast and probably load pages better. But it does just feel like Chrome in the design and functions. I use Opera because I want Opera, not because I want a Chrome copy in both design and functions.

  • Look, it can use Chrome extensions, but it has some features that make it distinctly Opera. You lament functions lost -- presumably from Opera 16. What features do you want?

    You might want to look at this link where raffaelluik discusses differences between Opera and Chrome.

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