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Strange transition effect when opening Opera

  • I am using Opera 45.0.2552.812 with Windows 7 (64 bit). In the latest version of Opera, I now have a strange visual effect when opening Opera. Whatever was on the screen is covered by diagonal blue translucent bars for anywhere between 1 second and 3 seconds before Opera opens. I would attach screen prints but can't find a facility to do this. This did not happen before and does not happen when opening any other program. If this is a deliberate feature, please remove it as it is annoying.

  • I would attach screen prints but can't find a facility to do this

  • Here are the screen shots showing the transition. The blue wash and diagonal bars are superimposed over whatever was on the screen and are replaced after 1-3 seconds by my normal home page in Opera.

    Example 1 - [](' target='_blank)

    Example 2 - [](' target='_blank)

  • It means that there is a broken download in the download list. Remove it and the red download progress indicator will be gone.

  • I have cleared all downloads, although I do not believe my screenshots showed a red progress indicator. I am still experiencing this strange transition effect when opening Opera, but not when opening any other program.

  • although I do not believe my screenshots showed a red progress indicator.

    Well, I've noticed that Opera icon has a red background.

    I am still experiencing this strange transition effect when opening Opera

    What would be it? It still happens on this friday's build?

  • Check hardware acceleration in Opera settings.

    Graphic card drivers updated?
    Is your PC low on resources?

  • Same thing happening to my own computer (Win7 64bit). Also happening on my laptop, same OS. Opera seems to get a little bit worse with every update. The VPN has slowed to such an extent that it won't play videos and is almost unusable for anything but basic, text-only webpages. When used on Youtube it drops so many frames the video stutters every few seconds.

    Opera was working perfectly for me a couple of months ago, now I'm close to dropping it for chrome.

  • You should try with a Private window Ctrl+Shift+N or a clean profile or download this as a clean profile.

  • I am now a little clearer what it is I'm seeing when Opera opens. With an aero theme, the bar at the top of the Opera window is always semi-transparent so I can see part of what is underneath. Now when I open Opera there is a period of time between a fraction of a second and three seconds when it is as if Opera displays a blank window in semi-transparent mode with everything underneath showing through but blurred. Turning off aero removes the problem, although I want to keep aero on. Turning off hardware acceleration in Opera makes no difference. The effect is there when opening a private window as well as when opening Opera from scratch. I'm pretty sure its not a profile problem. What I will try next is reverting to a previous version of Opera but using my current profile. It is my belief that this effect only appeared in very recent versions of Opera and this will help to establish this.

    Other browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome) may take a second or two to open, but when they open they go straight to the normal appearance with just the menu bar semi-transparent. They do not go through this intermediate stage where the entire screen goes blurred.

  • Then, should be reported as a bug with Aero in W7.

  • No, it is something introduced in Opera 45 which was not there in Opera 44.

    I tried installing Opera 44.0.2510.1457 in a clean virtual machine running Windows 7 (64) with internet disconnected to stop auto update. Opera opens normally going straight from the desktop to Opera's home page (in my case Google).

    [](' target='_blank)

    I then reconnected internet and allowed Opera to update itself to the latest version 45.0.2552.881. When you open Opera, you now get a transition where the whole of the Opera window is semi-transparent before moving to its normal appearance as in the Opera 44 image above. The screenshot below captures it in this transitional phase. Opening in a window rather than full-screen makes clearer what is happening.

    [](' target='_blank)

    The only thing that has changed is the update from Opera 44 to Opera 45, which establishes that this is an effect introduced by Opera 45 and nothing to do with my profile, graphics card or system setup.

    Can this be looked at by Opera developers?

  • Despite they usually answer into Mac and Mini forums they read other posts too.
    Maybe you should create a report bug and point here or to your latests post for more info if they need it.

  • I to have this happening since I updated Opera,I have also noticed when I watch a video and hit the back arrow that the video shows my desktop with the transition