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Opera 45: Problems with Video Playback

  • Hello everyone,

    I have the following problem with Opera (Version 45):
    When I try to watch (some) Videos on Youtube, I get the following error message:
    "Your browser doesn't know any avaliable video formats"
    (may not be 100% accurate, I have to translate it from german.
    Strangely, this doesn't happen to all videos, only to some. After I refresh the page with the video that wasn't working, it sometimes starts to work..

    I have the same problem on Twitch (Error Message: "No supported video backend avaliable; Flash is not installed).
    There it happens to all streams however.
    I checked the Opera settings, flash is enabled there.

    The error occured yesterday, I switched to Opera two days ago.
    I have my 2nd PC running side-by-side to my main one, also running Opera in the same Version, installed on the same day.
    All Settings are exactly the same.
    There I dont have any problems like that.

    I already tried re-installing Opera, unfortunately it didn't work..

    Thanks in advance!

  • Can't help with YouTube, unfortunately. Having enough troubles of my own with Opera and videos!

    Anyone any idea why none of these Reuters videos will play?

    Win 8, Opera 45.0.2552.881, Flash

    Flash is installed and working OK on other sites, HTML 5 video working OK on other sites. AdBlocker On/Off, makes no difference.

    Play fine even in IE v10!

  • It works here (Twich - Reuters videos) without flash installed despite seems Html5.

    Opera AdBlocker and extensions enabled.

    You may try with a Private window Ctrl+Shift+N or a clean profile or download this as a clean profile.

  • Thanks zalex108, clearing the Opera profile has sorted out the Reuters problem. Now I just have to recreate my original settings etc!

  • Oh dear! A word of warning to anyone before they do this.

    I renamed the old profile folder to *.OLD hoping to keep the original and all it's setting files. The newer version of Opera seems to have a new approach and rather than just recreating a new unpopulated profile folder it wiped the old one out. So I have now lost all my bookmarks, settings etc. 😞

    So if you create a new clean profile be sure to take a backup of the old one first.

  • Thanks for your answers!

    Unfortunately a private window or creating a new profile didn't help.
    I also tried copying the profile from the working PC, no success either.

    From what I know, Twitch is using HTML5 too.
    When I manually install Flash it works, but I am asuming I dont need to manually install Flash on my PC?
    It works on my other PC and in other browsers, without having Flash installed.

  • Hah! Just refound the old Opera profile folder. 🙂

    Was looking in the wrong directory - there are so many of them nowadays!

  • Take a look here.
    Using OSync also helps for some things.

    If a clean profile doesn't fix the problem, then reinstall Opera and check what happens, maybe something broken.

  • acts that way for me too. It might be 3rd party cookies or some other setting - not sure. But always works and some of their other links in stories occasionally work. I always have flash disabled in the chromium based browsers, and not installed in the others. There are very few sites that still suck as far as needing flash - but they are evolving.

  • You may try deleting the problematic site cookies but in a a private window cookies are skipped, so if the site still fails then a clean profile is needed.

  • I have already tried reinstalling Opera (both while deleting my profile and keeping it).
    Didn't work either.

    Something else, that might be worth mentioning, is that I am using Windows Server 2016 as my OS.
    I doubt that it makes a difference however, since other browsers are working fine..

    OSync didn't help too.

  • Take a look at opera://media-internals/ while trying to play the videos and check if there are error messages.

  • When having just two tabs open (twitch + opera://media-internals/) it doesn't show any players (nothing unter Audio and Video Capture either).
    The Youtube-problem seems like is has fixed itself, I am only experiencing issues with Twitch at the moment.

  • When having just two tabs open (twitch + opera://media-internals/) it doesn't show any players

    Does Twitch use Flash? If so then nothing will be shown on media-internals.

    Does opera://gpu says that video decode uses hardware acceleration?

  • I think Twitch is using HTML5 for about a year now. This is weird however, because the error says "Flash is not installed".

    In opera:// gpu it says, that Video Decode is Hardware accelerated.
    Here is a screenshot of the page, in case it is needed: