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  • Hi,

    as Opera 12.17 is slowly but certainly becoming too old, I'm starting to look for alternatives and wanted to compare new Opera and Vivaldi.
    However, the comparison ended before it even started, as I couldn't find a way to import my 12.17 browser data (BM, passwords etc.) to Opera 46.
    Unlike Vivaldi (where the import worked like a charm) Opera merely offers IE, Chrome and a bookmark file to import from.

    However, I read that also new Opera offers ways to import 12.17 data, so probably I just did't find it...

    So my short and simple question: what's the easiest way to migrate "everything" from Opera 12.17 to the current version?

    Thanka s lot!

  • Easiest? If you didn't use a master password, and if 12 is set as default then 45 should import everything by default.

    But for the record, 12.18 is the last of the 12 versions so far, see

  • Hm, well, if only it was that easy 🙂
    The problem is, I can only choose between Chrome, IE and a bookmarks file.

    I remember about 30 versions ago, I already tried to import some old Opera data to version 16 or so, which kind of worked.

    However, I do not assume that Import is a 'once in a lifetime' option, so I should still be able to import from old Opera, which is still set as default browser, right?

    P.S.: thank you, you're totally right and I am "already" on 12.18.

    P.P.S.: no master password set!

  • The import process, Presto to Blink should be automatic at the first start, but if you have problems check this.

  • Thank you for the link, but this looks impressively cumbersome, considering that it's just about a simple import...

    As my (new) Opera installation is for pure testing without any important data, could I completely purge Opera, reinstall and hope that I can import Opera 12.x data one more time (as it really seems to be a 'once in a lifetime' feature)?
    Or reset all user data and then import?
    Or invert the flags which indicates that I already used my import-chance?


  • You're not doing a standalone "USB" install of Opera 46 are you?
    IIRC it will not import automatically from Opera 12 if you do that.
    I have mine installed like that just for site testing purposes and it has never done it for me.

  • Actually, it's just a shortcut despite seems a lot of work :rolleyes:

    But as said by @SGunHouse, you have to have Opera 12xx as default browser to get the automatic import process working.

    And as said by @DaveHawley, the USB install doesn't auto import.