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How do I change the default search engine in Opera Mini for iPad?

  • Google Search is the best of all search engine in this damn universe. I really dunno why people felt so scared about data usage collection. At least if they intend to sell anyone's info then trust me Facebook knows more about you rather than any other. Actually facebook knows everything about you. So, should we stop using facebook to protect our privacy ?

  • Jackob11, you obviously haven't used DuckDuckGo

  • Its known to everyone that for web crawlers Google Search is the best of all. I already used Google Search, Bing Search, Yahoo Search, DuckDuckGo Search, Yandex Search. But Google is the dominator. It has better search capability rather than all. Google's web crawlers bot can find anything whereas others are still too poor to use.
    Google is the search giant. Alexa ranking number 1

  • Google Search is the best of all search engine in this damn universe.

    Maybe for people typing into the search field, because they don't know what an address bar is.

    I stopped using it, when it became unable to find what I was looking for and presented me with unrelated stuff Google's partners wanted me to see instead. Even at searching YouTube real search engines are better than Google's own one. This thing was groundbreaking in 1998, but that is decades in the past now.

    As such it's simply annoying having an unusable advertising engine (instead of a search engine) being forced as default. How would you like having forced Bing on you? Wouldn't you complain?

  • I also want that function.

    I don't want google.
    Only thing I use is youtube (not because I want to)

    I downloaded opera mini again hoping for a change but no. Than I delete it again. And this has being going on for a long time already.

    I would use anything accept google search rlly.

    I hope they will finally implement this.

  • @morectus:

    " I hope they will finally implement this."

    opera removed this option from mini after 7.6 (android) in 2015.

  • There is no way you can change default search engine BUT it is possible to add other search engines. First off you have to change data saving to 'extreme' then go to any search engine site you'd want to add, let's say then press and hold the empty search box a window pops out and click on 'add search engine'. That's it. Switch back the data saving options and there will be a new option in the search box.

    I use latest version of opera mini android and I assume ios has similar options like mine.

  • @bilbulx is right. You can simply long click on empty search box of other search engines and add it to opera search box list, select it to set it as default, and you will never bother about Google again.

    It works on all Opera Mini for Android, don't know about other mobile OS.

  • This is disappointing. I was having trouble with Brave not always working as expected on my Mac and PC, so I changed to Opera - but if I wanted google to have my data I would use Chrome!

    Chrome is best. I don't use it due to not liking their politics as a company. So what is the point of using Opera if I have to still use google products?

  • This topic is too old.

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