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  • Hi, I wish the developers would include a Bookmarks button and Home button in Opera 20+ like previous versions.
    I have been using Opera for many years and enjoy the Speed dial, but am now using Google Chrome because it has the Bookmarks and Home buttons.
    I hope the developers will put the two buttons back or I will be one person saying goodbye to Opera browser forever.

  • The bookmarks button can be put back with an extension.

    A bookmark to your home page solves the Home page button problem, or add your Home page to a speed dial slot.

  • Hi Uhav2laf, maybe these tips will be helpful for you:

    1. Bookmarks button, using the Tidy Bookmarks extension,
    2. Regarding the home page button.
  • l33t4opera:

    Thanks for the information in the 2. link!

    Now, how about a keyboard shortcut for "Start page" (or "home page", with the extension)? I don't mean opening a new tab.

    Is there a way? If not, it needs to be added!

  • Hi Iongo, if you added already the url, which will be opened, when a new tab is created, you can use one of default keyboard shortcuts for the "Homepage": "Ctrl+Space", or "Alt+Home", or press "Ctrl+T", or "Ctrl+N", which in this case have the same effect.

  • bookmark buttons yes!! but since i dont use any home page no need that. it could be nice to have bookmark button next to favorites and stash button because i dont know if i already add something to bookmarks or not.

  • I think there should be a bookmark buttorn, that lets the user make a bookmark, and then, as part of that action, select the folder or subfolder, etc. on the Personal Bookmarks bar that they want to put the bookmark in. The Add Bookmark extension in the Opera store sort of does this, but it gives you all your folders to select from, not distinguishing from subfolders, and subfolders of subfolders, so making your selection can be a bit confusing --- folders, subfolders, subfolders of subfolders all treated as folders. Since by extension, it isn't quite done right (though the Add Bookmark extension is quite useful, given that Opera 21 hasn't acted in this area yet), it would be good if Opera did add the button as I've described it, as part of the basic browser. The bookmarking feature is too important to leave the user to have to wait for a fully adequate extension that may never come.

  • I've taken a look at Internet Explorer 11, and the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome. They all, in letting the user make a bookmark, as part of that action, permit him/her to select the folder, subfolder, subfolder of the subfolder, etc. on the bookmarks bar, or favorites to place the bookmark. I understand that Opera is late to the game on this bookmarking issue because it initially didn't intend to have a Personal Bookmarks Bar. Now, however, that it has added one, it is important that it match what the other browsers have here -- not to match, simply for the sake of matching, but because it's a user friendly feature that has a become a standard.

    Further, in Intenet Explorer 11, Firefox and Chrome, if you bookmark a site (and there's not a folder ready for the site), these browsers lets the user select and name a NEW FOLDER, and then place the bookmark in it. I believe this is a feature that is also now a mainstream browser standard that is user friendly. The new Opera ought to match it also.

  • Ridiculous that you need an extension to add a simple Bookmarks button to Opera now...

  • Yes I agree, the user should really be able to have a home button instead of speed dial button.

  • I can´t believe that they made this browser without a basic bookmarks interface.

  • I can´t believe that they made this browser without a basic bookmarks interface.

    And you are talking about...?