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  • But what does "video" exactly mean?

    That you play on/with video? That 'runs'on video?

  • Leo, as well as I remember, "video" means "I see" in Latin.

    Maybe in Latin America Latin is different! :lol:

  • "Battle City".
    An old game, no controls customisation, but I like it very much otherwise. I wish I had a version to play, with a possibility to make my 1 player keyset to the arrow keys for moving and some other key (NOT "J"!) for shooting!
    I guess I could choose a 2 players mode and just leave tank 1 to die - or shoot it myself :lol:

    Found today! :cheers: And already had a go :knight:
    On some Nintendo Japanese site 🆙 It's like but dedicated to old games, and better made - with voting, membership, etc., etc.
    Then on some Czech site too.
    It has something to do with some NES thingy - whatever it is. 🍌

  • Is it safe to install - and use - an emulator?

    An old games site offers an emulator to install to run old games offline. I downloaded, not installed yet. Any specs needed?
    Thank you!

  • Is it safe to install - and use - an emulator?
    An old games site offers an emulator to install to run old games offline. I downloaded, not installed yet. Any specs needed?

    It really depends on the reputation of the 'old games site', as well as where they obtained the emulator (assuming they didn't write it themselves). You probably should upload the emulator file to VirusTotal or a similar site and see if there are any malware 'hits' with any of the multiple AV programs they will scan it against. E.g., if the emulator is "DosBox", the original code was clean and its authors have a good and longstanding reputation; however, what may have occurred to its code in its passage through an 'old games site' may be another issue. It's always better to screen such files unless you're obtaining the program directly from a known-reputable site who vets their download material.

  • VirtualBox testing machine or create an image of your system before install it.

  • EmuParadise.
    The file's name is "jnes"-something.
    I got it from the first page of Google results, it is an elaborate site with membership, votings, etc.

    What will it be like to run an emulator?
    Will it replace the operating system or just run under it as a utility?

  • Window app.

  • So you say, it's just a regular app? Windows in control?

    I can close it at any moment? I can switch to another program? Etc.?

  • Look at the video.

    So that seems.

  • Look at the video.

    (For the record, I don't very much enjoy youtubing out of OperaForums. Privacy reasons.)

    I did watch it. Did you?

    So that seems.

    There are questions in the comments. There are problems with understanding; and myself did also put a question there, and the answer wasn't satisfying.

    I reiterate the question.
    Is such an emulator a program that does not take control disregarding the OS or like that? Do I stay in a regular Windows session and do I retain all the Windows tools at hand?

  • It's a window, as appears in the video, so yes you'll have access to Windows like if it was any other common program.
    About the OS, OS compatibility should be available in the WebSite.


    You could use another profile and the VPN to use Youtube if needed.

  • I use VPN with OperaForums. Now.

  • Well, considering Battle City, I must refrain now from playing this game. Due to my recent health developments (left arm trouble).
    So now, trying to only play one-hand games, like Formula XSpeed. At Silvergames, I guess the game is not fully developed yet, but the plain dynamics is advanced... Though I miss an opportunity to drift there:)

  • @joshl Hope your condition improves, Josh! I played a few good fames from Steam in the past year (they're a bit old). "This War of Mine" (thought provoking) "The Stanley Parable" (Witty and indie) and "Stellaris" (grand strategy).

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