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Opera toolbar download button not showing the "popup" window with all downloads

  • I installed opera and when i click toolbar button to show all downloads and downloads things it's not showing...
    the button get the dark gray like its clicked but no popup.

    Normal -> not clicked

    clicked, menu not shown.

  • Version of Windows?

    Some external ad-blocking software can think Opera's popup list is an ad and block it; you can get the full list in a tab from the menu.

  • Try disabling hardware acceleration.

  • Does it show in the downloads menu that you have downloads?

  • sgunhouse
    I Have original copy of windows 10 with lastest updates...
    I recently reset the windows, install opera and opera dev, both have same problem.
    with the solutions of leocg worked, but i don't know if it will case animations to get slow... testing yet...

    Yes, appears all downloads in "Menu>Downloads"... The LastPass popup works ok


    When i disabled hardware acellaration in advanced settings it worked...

    But it will not slow animations in web sites? i have a intel HD graphics but... i don't know.

    Thank all of you for help!

  • But it will not slow animations in web sites?

    It may depends on your system. However it's the only solution at the moment.

  • Rather than disabling hardware acceleration completely, you could try the following:

    Right-click your Opera shortcut and choose properties. Then add --disable-direct-composition to the target:

    "C:\Program Files\Opera\launcher.exe" --disable-direct-composition
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\launcher.exe" --disable-direct-composition

    Using the aforementioned switch resolves all problems for us using ThinkPads with discrete graphics. It is an assigned bug in the bug tracker of Chromium.

    I hope it helps.