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M2 export & Import mail..........

  • Hello ,

    In RECEIVED view is it possible I can export some unfinished emails ( maybe from the morning )

    And bring this in a USB thumb drive to home machine and import them to continue finishing those emails I didn't complete in the morning ?

    You know.... may be 60 - 100 email sof them un-finish from the morning and I want to quickly leave the work place & bring it in the USB thumb drive to carry home or laptop to continue look at them.

    I have basic knowledge mail export & import..........

    Thank you very much.

  • Create a label named "To Export" and drag the messages you want to export to that label. Then, right-click on that label and choose "Export". Then, in your other Opera, goto "Menu -> settings -> import and export -> import mail -> import generic mbox -> add mbox -> select the account to import into" and import. You can then delete the label without deleting the messages. Or, you can keep the label, select all messages in it, right-click the selection and choose "remove from view" to clear the label.

    Now, if by "Unfinished messages", you mean drafts, then this will work for draft messages too. However, there are 2 catches for drafts:

    1. You can import a message as a draft. You'll have to set the mbox file you import in the "move to sent" drop-down and import the messages as sent. Then, you'll have to go to "All Messagges/Sent" and edit them to finish them up and send them. But, this will create new sent copies where you'll have to delete the old sent copies.
    2. Unless you're using an old version of Opera Mail, attachments are not attached to a message until you send it. This means that when you export drafts, they'll be missing their attachments.

    The reason you create a label to export is that ctrl + s (save) doesn't work on a selection of messages.

  • Owe you one week coffee ... and thanks !

  • Hi burnout426 ,

    Actually is there any command in Opera for " copying mails to a specific lable " ?

    I understand my label structurer is : [Index 3751] Name=To Export Id=200000052 Parent Id=1600000004 ....etc.

    After I manually highlight the email I need and if I mouseover the highlighted mails I want a right click command to copy to this label ( as I will add more action aftewrwords )

    Is there a command of this ? ( and what is command of " export mails "

    Thank you very much.

  • I'm not sure. But, I would do it using the things you already know how to do. Use the "Copy" command. Then, change focus to the label's message list and then use the "Paste" command. That way should work at least. It'd end with you focused on that label's message list. But, maybe that's not a bad thing.

    I forget if there's some type of command to show the context menu. If there is though, you could invoke that and initiate some keyboard arrow shortcuts to move to where you want in the context menu. Wait. I think the command is "Show context menu". That should get you started at least.

  • hello ,

    I managed it to put the command on both of these sectioins:

    [Mail Item Mark Menu] AND [Mail Item Popup Menu]

    Item,"export"= copy & read mail, 200000054 & delay , 500 & paste

    If continue command to export those emails . I should add : Focus read mail 200000054 & Export mail index "C:/TEMP FOLDER" ?

    Instead of manual highlighting mails, how to tell opera auto export todays email from 0600 to the time right now.( without specific the end time )


  • If continue command to export those emails . I should add : Focus read mail 200000054 & Export mail index "C:/TEMP FOLDER" ?

    I guess. You can try it.

    Instead of manual highlighting mails, how to tell opera auto export todays email from 0600 to the time right now.( without specific the end time )

    Right-click the toolbar above the message list and goto customize -> appearance -> buttons -> mail view" and drag the period drop-down (says "forever" on it) to the toolbar. Then, switch it to "Today" and try to export. See if Opera only exports the shown messages. If so, you should be able to do that part with a command to limit the message list to just today's messages. The command is "Set mail view age, 1" (or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5). See the drop-down on the button for which number means what. You would use a command to set the view age to "today", do your stuff and then set it back to "forever".

    As for a specific times, I'm not sure how to do that except with a date header search with a regex that matches the times you want. And, not sure if you can do that with a search command or not.

  • Thanks ,

    what is the right command about ..... delay,1000 & Execute program, "c:\windows\nircmd.exe", "sendkey down press" og I am to click the item export from context menu ?

    I only know : Delay, 500 & Execute program, "c:\windows\nircmd.exe","sendkeypress enter" & Delay, 500 & Execute program, "c:\windows\nircmd.exe","sendkeypress enter"

    I went nircmd webpage but not seems helpful in my case when using command in Opera index.ini.

    Thank you very much.


  • And ........... How to make command to tell Opera go to a specific label such as Focus read mail, 200000054

    as I guess once it is done I can add continue command to it such as doing a export as well as assigning my folder drive location where the export .mbs is going to .


  • Not sure at the moment. Maybe someone can help with those parts.

  • Hi burout426 ,

    Having new issue during "EXPORT"

    Am doing year 2012 old mails from January to June preparing to export.....

    ( I was trying to be cautious to break it down of period 3 - 6 months a time until 2017 ., and import to my new install Opera copy )

    See pic below asked me to highly recommended to download missing bodies ' before exporting '.

    I left it for the whole night but never happens , I click that label choose export, it repeat to suggest me downlopading missing bodies.

    Have you experience & what would you suggest please ?

    Thank you very much.

  • Having new issue during "EXPORT"


    Have you experience & what would you suggest please ?

    When you choose to export and Opera asks you to download bodies and you say yes, Opera will fetch the bodies like you told it to. However, it will not continue with the export after that. You have to choose to export again. Then, the second time it SHOULD work.

    If Opera repeatedly asks you to download bodies, make sure "make all messages available offline" is set on the "incoming" tab in the account's properties. Also make sure "low-bandwidth mode" is NOT checked. Also make sure "do not download attachments" is NOT checked. Then, click the drop-down next to the check/send button and choose to resynchronize. If that doesn't help, you might have to unsubscribe and resubscribe to all IMAP folders. Or, delete the IMAP account and add it back in. Or, start with a new mail folder and set up the IMAP account again. Or, you might have to log the incoming connection to see what messages Opera fails to fetch the body for. Or, you might have to look in the "mail/store/accountN" folder to see what mbs file is missing its body and then delete that message via Opera Mail's UI. Or, run a database check.

  • And ........... How to make command to tell Opera go to a specific label such as Focus read mail, 200000054

    any of yoou know how .......?


  • No one knows ? Read mail , 1 or Read mail , 2 I know...........

    But I tried many times to focus to 1 of my custom label ( I knwo the correct I.D. ) with no joy....

    I am trying to on mail message or mail body list make a custom action to first focus a custom label and then action to export or on other things.............

    Thank you very much.

  • Read mail should work ...

  • I'm able to show context menu ( ..... & Show Context Menu & Delay , 50 & go to end )
    but go to end not responding and is not work &

    What should be the command in order to show the next page of context menu ?

    And what is command to "click & press" the item I want from the last page of context menu ?

    I know how to use ---> Delay, 500 & Execute program, "c:\windows\nircmd.exe","sendkeypress enter"

    Is there other command works better ?

    Thank you very much.


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