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Unwanted change from high mode to normal mode

  • Why does opera Mini change from high mode to normal mode at more and more websites (ebay Amazon, booking, trivago etc) without warning?
    I believe the developers have forgotten the reason why we use opera mini. To save traffic!
    By this senseless function, opera mini becomes soon useless.
    If you have a limited data volume of 200 MB per month, surfing on these websites can easily consume 10 percent of this volume in a single day!
    So I changed back to the old version 7.64.
    There (and also at the uc mini) are no such problems. At Uc mini the user can decide for himself whether he wants to change the mode and does not have to bear any unintentional renewals of the opened tabs.

  • What version? In latest beta the default option is "Automatic' so Mini will change between High and Extreme modes according to the situation.

  • @leocg Sorry, i meant changing between extreme and high mode. It happens at all versions cince 20. I didn't test the new beta, but what does it mean "according to the situation" and where is the different to other versions?

  • The latest beta (Mini 24) is the first one with the option to change between high and extreme modes automatically, however I don't know the criteria to decide which one will be used and when.

    Before this version I don't remember have seen modes changing without the user have done it.

  • You can try it easy with any earlier version: Set extreme mode , turn images off and go to You'll see images, cause you can't turn them off in high mode, java will work, and please have a look at data usage (1mb more, instead 100kb more in extreme mode ).Then go to another site and it will change back to extreme mode .

  • Now i tested the newest beta version 24.0.2254.115517. I set extreme mode, images off, went to and what happened? Opera Mini changed to high mode! Images were shown, much data traffic. So the Automatic browsing mode is not to disable. Is it a bug or is it intention?

  • Does it happens in other sites? I remember someone commenting a while ago that some sites always user High mode because they don't work in Extreme one.

  • Sure, it happens at,, and other I don't remember at the moment. But all of them work fine in Vers.7.64 where exists only Extreme mode. I think developers should explain why the mode changes unwanted in all newer versions since at least 19. And they'll certainly have a list with the correspondending sites.

  • I think developers should explain why the mode changes unwanted in all newer versions since at least 19.

    I remember have read something about it here.

  • The new Automatic mode is not connected with this mode changing. We force High compression mode for some websites which we know that doesn't work correctly with Extreme compression. Please keep in mind, that while for you such behavior is unwanted, but for many non-technical users it's more important that such sites simply works.

  • @mbaluta Thanks for your response! Don't you think, that the new Automatic mode could be exactly the right one for those non-technical users, and those who are worried about their data usage could change the mode manually? And it could be helpful if the progress bar changed the color to see that the mode changes ( as it was in Vers. 10 or 11 ).