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[Solved] Why do (some) ordered lists show no numbers?

  • Shouldn't ordered lists show list numbers? For example, writing

    1. This is the first list item
    2. This is the second list item

    results in

    1. This is the first list item

    2. This is the second list item

    which I believe will show no numbers when posted (it doesn't do so on the preview pane). I don't get what the problem is; at a glance I see no difference in the code from other forum posts successfully displaying list item numbers.

  • Shouldn't ordered lists show list numbers?

    If I understood correctly, nope


    1. Test

    2. Test

    3. Test

  • If you read the markdown notes, using any number should result in a numbered list (you could just use 1 all the time). However ...

    1. item 1

    2. item 2

    3. item 3

    As you see, no number is shown.

    a. item a

    b. item b

    c. item c

    Apparently letters are ignored.

  • In these forums, if you put a blank line between list items in the editor, the numbers/bullets won't be shown in the post. To get them to show, don't put lines between them.

    This isn't necessary with markdown on reddit though. Numbers/bullets show up just as you'd expect.

    1. this
    2. that
    3. another thing

    When you use blanks between the list items in the editor, each list item content gets wrapped in a paragraph. That's supposed to happen. However, something with that situation and the css causes the numbers/bullets to be hidden/removed.

    According to inspector, it's the overflow: hidden in:

    body#dashboard_profile_operabadges table td.Message p {
        margin-bottom: 1em;
        overflow: hidden;
  • Great info on workarounds and reasons. Thanks!

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