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VPN keeps saying 'connecting'

  • Perhaps your country is now blocking the IP(s) used by the VPN. There's no reason to believe the people operating the blockers aren't aware of mechanisms used to bypass blocking and may take action accordingly.

    It is impossible because I can still use Opera VPN with my old laptop, but not on new one.

    Just try with a clean profile, here it's the "How to" Frequently Asked Questions (Opera for Windows).

    Tried it, still not working.

    If you bought a computer with a dynamic IP...
    Guys right.
    Still there are ^non-paid^ VPN services out there.

    How can I check if my IP is dynamic or not?

    This is really frustrating. I was using Opera for only VPN. I really wish devs would find a solution for my problem.

  • If you bought a computer with a dynamic IP...

    What would be the relation? Also, you don't by a computer with an IP address, being it dynamic or static.

  • What happened 5 / 6 days ago?

    Soft installs? Windows Updates?

    Check the event viewer too, if you don't remember or don't know what has been changed.

  • I've had this happening to me too at one point: the VPN couldn't connect. In my case it turned out to be DNS related. Maybe you could check in this direction?

    When in doubt you can always try to "hide" your Opera profile and try with a blank one to see if that will work. You can do that by simply renaming the profile directory and then later renaming it back.

  • How can I check if my IP is dynamic or not?

    It must be in the computer or system specifications.

  • How can I check if my IP is dynamic or not?

    Ask your ISP.

    If you don't know then it's probably dynamic. Static IPs are usually for companies and cost more.

  • If you can't find out from your provider, you can try checking things yourself. With Opera's VPN feature shut off, you can check your current IP by simply visiting a site like If you find that IP changes over time or after you've power-cycled your modem, you're on a dynamic IP. However, the timeframe over which a provider changes a subscriber's dynamic IP number can be extremely variable between different providers or for a given provider under different conditions, varying from "frequently" up to no change for months on end. The provider maintains a record of which IP is assigned to your hard connection, and it's up to him regarding when or under what conditions he chooses to alter the IP assignments. Dynamic IP changes occur automatically in the provider's equipment, so the user ordinarily never sees an impact when simply viewing a website directly. However, usage that may require persistent connections, such as a VPN or a server, might experience issues if the IP changes during the session.

    As @leocg noted, most ISP's provide dynamic IPs, though there are wide variances in how often and under what conditions a user's specific IP is changed.

  • Check Antivirus or any other software interfering in your net, few post ago a user stated that had a problem caused by ""Virgin Media "Child Safe"" so any net "AddOn" could modify the behavior and currently block Opera's VPN.

  • I would think this problem is related to the OS, especially if you are using Windows 10.

    Windows 10 is no longer just an operating system, it is an advertising and affiliate platform, so where Google had a toolbar and then a browser, Microsoft has gone one better.

    In the basic profile of a Windows 10 user there are over 200 privacy settings, some hidden.

    There are apps that can lock all of these down. especially the app connector, share with that and you share with all sorts.

  • I would think this problem is related to the OS, especially if you are using Windows 10.

    VPN works fine here and I'm on Windows 10.

  • You try using a different network, such as a public Wi-Fi connection, to check if the connection error is with your current Internet service.

  • Hi there, try this, it worked for me. I installed Opera purely because of the VPN option, but like above, it just kept connecting. I use Avast Antivirus and I turned all protection off, went back to the VPN switch in Opera/settings and turned it on and it worked. Changed the country setting and turned Avast back on and it works. I like in the UK and use Virgin Media. Hope this helps.

  • Same problem.Avast blocking it.Turned off shields and it connected. No idea why this has just started happening