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  • Hi, just new to opera, and very disappointed. Version 43.0
    Opera cannot connect to the internet, it comes back with "there is no internet connection" even though all other programs (internet explorer, mail programs etcetera) have no problem.
    Turning off firewall has no effect.
    Running Windows 10 pro 64bit.
    Reinstalled from fresh download, still the same problem.
    Is this a known issue? Help, anybody?

  • Check your security softwares: anti-virus, firewall, etc.

    Do you have Turbo or VPN enabled by chance?

  • I tried without firewall, this did not solve the problem.
    I tried with and without turbo and vpn
    both made no difference
    I tried with restarting in between attempts. that did not solve the problem

  • Maybe a Clean Profile may help.

    Here it's the "How to" Frequently Asked Questions (Opera for Windows) . Thanks to Leocg.

    AppData is hidden, use | "Win + R" %AppData% | to get there.
    Rename / Delete cache as well.

  • Thank you, I tried that too. No luck.
    But thanks for your input nevertheless.

  • Try with iObit uninstaller, then install again.

    This will delete any bookmark, SD, password...

  • How do you connect to the internet?

  • Have you using some 3rd party antivirus or internet security suite? Do you have multiple network connections set up on your computer? In Internet Options, under Connections, LAN settings, have you some proxy checked?

  • Some answers: I do have Norton Internet Security, but disabled this to see if it was the cause of the problem. It was not.

    Then: I connect to the internet via LAN and "Mobile network modem" (no landline phone available where I am). This is slow but works with all other programs which I use (Internet explorer, mail, and so forth).

    Finally, I tried IObit uninstaller, which took ages to uninstall Opera Stable, then froze. Restarted it with Powerful scan, after more than 12 hours still working - nor reacting to any input. After restart of computer, reinstalled Opera, same result, Opera cannot find my internet connection (while all other programs can, I am writing this on MS Edge 😞 )
    I don't use proxy settings.

    Any other thoughts? Please?
    Thanks for all your ideas, even if the problem still exists.

    PS: have IObit uninstaller running again, it seems to be making better progress this time around. Will report on the results.

  • Then: I connect to the internet via LAN and "Mobile network modem" (no landline phone available where I am). This is slow but works with all other programs which I use (Internet explorer, mail, and so forth).

    Do you need to do any special step to be online? Or just by turning your computer on you are already connected?

  • Does google Chrome work? They share big part of code with Opera.

    Then, you can use Fiddler to see, what connections Opera starts. Well, if Opera can't bind to any network interface, then it may display nothing.

    One more idea - uncheck IPv6 in LAN connection properties.

  • Thanks again for all the thoughts.
    I don't have to do anything special - it works like a standard router/modem combination.
    Chrome I haven't tried, haven't even installed.
    I'll try the suggestions, if nothing works, I give up. Heartbroken.

    By the way, IObit Uninstaller got stuck trying to uninstall Opera, twice. First when it used standard Opera Uninstaller to uninstall, which gets stuck halfway through the process of uninstalling. Then, after forced comp restart, IObit sees there is some code left but it freezes (becomes totally unresponsive to any action). After 24 hours I rebooted the comp and now IObit does not report any left-overs from Opera.

  • About Chrome - when it doesn't work either, then you have much wider userbase to ask for solutions 🙂

  • If iObit doesn't work fluidly then maybe there was a problem in the Opera installation or the sectors of the disk where Opera was installed.

    You may try to delete any Opera left folder in Program Files and AppData, if iObit has found many problems maybe has left something.
    Then use cCleaner or any other registry cleaner.

    It's the system working fine? Faster, without errors...?
    It would be necessary Chkdsk? (Same steps for any Win version)

    Once cleaned, install Opera again.

    PD: If Chrome fails, then, more problems could be involved.

  • When I unchecked Opera Turbo in the menu. It worked for me