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Very large, mysterious file in Opera profile

  • So, in my Opera directory, I found a file that's 4.66GB in size. I don't know what it is, and I presume it's safe to delete (the file date is 9/1/2015), but I'd like some confirmation first and perhaps some information about where it came from.

    The path is as follows:

    profile\data\File System\001\t\00

    And the file name is just 00000000. No extension, just the numbers.

    Any thoughts? I've never noticed this before, and it's got me curious.

  • This is a regular file but I never knew for what it serves. It's something used by Chromium, I guess.

    Try renaming it first and if Opera doesn't complain about it then delete the file.

  • LOL, a (random?!) file that's 4.66GB in size, pftt. Not that long ago, really, it used to be a 1/4, or a tenth of a HDD; on some ~20GB to 40GB Seagate and /or Western Digital drives.

    Anyway, it being a regular file is kinda funny; what sort of a deranged developer would -even- consider this being an option, whatsoever..:)

    ... What "Opera directory" would that be ^^ in Program Files (x86)? Trying to locate it on my PC, but I'm unable to find any -such- gigantic space-wasters hear (although, there are quite a lot of 0 bytes files which are just as mysterious. :)); not finding teh profile\data folder, either, ugh.


  • Check in OMenu > About Opera.
    You may use Sequoia view to find files by size.

  • I remember a discussion on a similar issue, it was a local storage file for a site or something. It wasn't regular, and doesn't look or seem very good either now, Leo. 4 GB is a lot of space.

  • It wasn't regular, and doesn't look or seem very good either now

    It's regular in a sense of not being a kind of file strange to Opera's file structure. Of course the size of the file seems to be an issue.

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