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  • I was wondering how Opera gets to use the Blink engine. Is it not copyrighted? Did they have to pay Google (which uses it for Chrome). Or agree to share profits, etc?

    There must be some income in the browser business.

  • I think you know that. Google was developing WebKit with Apple, then Google created Blink which I believe it is open source because it is on Chromium which is open source. Open source means for free.

  • That's what I was thinking/hoping. So then, Opera isn't indebted to Google or in a partnershp. It can take the Blink engine and go off totally on its own, even (smile) totally outdo Chrome, make a better browser. Of course, that's
    assuming you're correct that the Blink engine is, in fact, open source.

  • I already know the name of your browser. "Lemon", huh?:D

  • Ha. You mean as meringue pie. Hmmm. 😉

  • @shipleyj

    joshi - right -this site is undoubtedly the best place for help. And leocg - I didn't know what Opera "Blink" was until checking Wikipedia. I knew I had Opera 24, and that's about it! (Remember I'm a newbie here, but will try to ask reasonably intelligent questions ;-). Appreciate the good feedback and tips from you both - will stick with it and keep checking this forum! thanks-

    ShipleyJ, welcome to our lounge, if you're here:)
    Have you ever used Opera Presto perhaps? 🙂

    And by the way, I'm Josh

  • As far as Blink ... it is open source, that means any changes Opera make to Blink itself must be available to anyone. (Open source does not mean public domain.) Apple didn't originate webkit - it was based on the (also open source) khtml engine used in the Konqueror browser on Linux and FreeBSD. So any change Opera, Google, Apple, Konqueror or anyone else make is available to everyone ... if they can figure out how to use it. Truth is, khtml is quite far behind webkit because it is hard for them to incorporate all the updates into their code.

    Now, Opera's UI is totally theirs, Google has some proprietary stuff of their own in Chrome, likewise Apple in Safari though Konqueror is completely open source. But not one of those entities sells the browser, so ...