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A seemingly trivial matter but....

  • Yes, it's a seemingly trivial matter but it's annoying!!! I'm accustomed (from years of using Chrome) to having the option of keeping a record of all my downloads (mainly saved web pages) across the bottom of the screen, unless I deliberately X them out.

    Why is this important to me? Because I'll frequently forget whether I've saved a page or not and on Chrome all I need to do is take a quick glance at the row of saved pages at the bottom of the screen to check. Unfortunately, in Opera, if you click on the page you're on for any reason, the fact that you've saved the page disappears. At that point, only if I save it AGAIN will I be informed that it's already saved. How much easier to just glance down, as in Chrome! (Of course I can always go the location at which it's saved to check, but that's even more onerous!)

    So, a look at Settings doesn't reveal any way of accomplishing what I desire, but I know better than to simply assume that there is no way-- perhaps some Opera expert knows a clever means of achieving my objective.

    By the way, in the few days I've been using Opera, I must say I love it!

  • I'm not sure but maybe a plugin can help with this specific functionality. But anyway, if you press Control-J (go to the download overview) you should be seeing the full list of downloads, this will include any webpages you downloaded.

    This is the only way I know off in Opera.

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