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New Opera Neon - concept browser

  • As the first post clearly says, it was a concept browser and never meant to be really used on a daily basis.

  • bueno he descargado opera neon y me parece muy excelente pero esta en ingles y cuando me voy a ajustes, idioma pongo español latinoamerica y no pasa nada que puedo hacer.
    Por favor ayudenme.

  • Please use English in this forum.

  • @subi
    I'm getting this too. when i open in an incognito window it seems to fix the problem.

  • Hello Opera people,

    This post is targeted towards the actual Opera Devs/Mods. From what I've read, Neon was/is purely conceptual.
    Are there any plans on developing this and releasing as an actual browser?? It has great potential and with the addition of extensions and/or the ability to pin web apps it would make it insanely productive. It has great flow and an excellent layout, i would genuinely love to see this developed into something more than a concept.....PLEASE give me an update.

    Many Thanks.

  • Not an Opera developer/employee, like any mod here, but as far I know, there isn't. Some Neon features have been and may be incorporated into Opera's browsers.

  • @w33luk3 Something is on the horizon with Opera ... not sure if it will be Opera Neon-like or not, though. See this:

  • Recently downloaded and installed the Opera Neon browser. As I do with any new browser setup I create bookmarks "Bubbles" for quick access to sites I frequent. Two of the sites I am trying to bookmark are Gmail and The issue I am experiencing is that Neon crashes whenever the click Sign-In/Log-In and te Google Sign-In page comes up. I don't even get the chance to enter my log-in information. Anyone else having the same issue? Is there a known fix/workaround? So far this is only happening on my Windows Desktop installation. I have Opera Neon installed on my Android as well and can sign-in just fine.

  • There never was a Neon for Android - did you mean Touch? Anyway ... Neon was a demo version and has not had any updates (and never will, sorry).

  • This post is deleted!
  • wow! Seems cool. Have to install it to see what it really does. Thanks for posting.

  • Hello! Do you update opera neon? Please update, develop, this is the best browser that you have now, please add extensions, more advanced settings, do not leave this browser idle, thank you!

  • Neon is not in development.

  • Even today people remember, request and still use Opera Neon. They are two years without support or any bug fixes but even so people are fans of Opera Neon so it's very sad that Opera does not listen to its users and fans and does not continue with its most revolutionary project and that has had the most impact in recent days.

  • They clearly said on the release that Neon would be a concept browser and that there will not be any updates and/or development.
    If people were/are unable to understand it, it's not Opera's fault.

  • They should take it down to stop people from using it and asking for an update...

  • @leocg I believe everyone understands that Opera Neon is a concept browser however we like this concept and would like to see its evolution so even knowing that it is not the plan, we request for updates and there are several requests.
    I think that Opera did not see the same potential that the users of Opera Neon saw, I confess that I am disappointed with this and that it is not really Opera fault.

  • Features of Opera Neon have been added to Opera since then.

  • @leocg Yes, I am grateful for this and I found it very cool, it was an evolution of the characteristics of Opera Neon. But these features did not bring me a new web browsing experience like Opera Neon, Opera does not have the same essence of Neon.

  • Why on earth isn't the fact that Neon isn't under development clearly mentioned in the download page???