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Opera Mini 21 for Android

  • see this pic

  • opera mini 7 came without a nametag, just the red O.

    some versions later the black label appeared, which recently turned green (around om 16, iirc).

  • see this pic

    Damn, tinypic links never work and I always need to edit them to be able to see the image here.

    The image with 'Mini' in a green background is the same I have here and has been around since a long time. On the other hand, the one on the left with 'Mini' in a dark background is new to me.

  • The one with black label is upgraded old black client which we recently upgraded to new version for some users. The one with green label is the client which we pay most attention to, so if you have both versions, stick with the green one.

  • yes.. before i installed 2 opera mini.. 1 newer and one older 7.6.4 .. the older opera mini updated with newer version with black mini lable.

  • Remove all your opera mini and install fresh from here

  • Still using version 18.
    I think It's the most stable, fast and does not unnecessarily refresh my open pages

  • the address bar should be at the bottom or middle of the homescreen. or else it becomes difficult to reach with one hand on large screen phones.

  • Opera Mini needs better keyboard managing when it comes to sign in forms. Most of the time keyboard covers sing in form and you don't see what you are writing.

    Lightning browser has this sorted very good.

    You can see comparison between latest Opera Mini and Lightning browser here:

    You'll get the idea.

  • Just to be clear, in both cases password form is selected and keyboard appeared. Only in Opera Mini you can't see it, because it didn't move above keyboard, as with Lightning browser.

  • I don't want a automatic refresh of my open pages!
    I don't want a automatic opening of a new tab, that I have to close each time! Please make it possible to disable these functions.
    And please insert a switcher to turn on/off images like in Mini 7 but also in "high mode".

  • Facebook issue

    In previous versions of Opera mini or opera mini beta there was no such problems but after every updates I am not liking it.

    When I like any comments or pic or status updates in Facebook, it refreshes the whole fb page and starts from top of the fb page after page refreshed and I have to scroll down and have to find that content which was like by me.
    Please check and make fix this issue in new update as soon as possible..!

  • thnaks, i will download it later, hope it will be faster and more light.

  • The url bar covered when i click on it. copy link appears on url bar. how to edit or enter address??? its very bad. see this

  • Not so good look as compared to other browsers..... other browsers like uc browser has simplified home view....but you don't have..... it also has slow speed browsing and downloading speed

  • Opera Mini doesn't support Google Re-Captcha v2
    & Re-Captcha v1 as well.
    I just can't able login to many website due to re captcha issue.
    So, I hope the developers will take a view about this problem.

  • So many bugs now. please update this.
    (jackob11) Switch extreme mode off while you see captcha page. its working well. and yeah download and browsing sometime not works.

  • If you open using opera mini (any version, the problem seems to be present on all opera mini versions) and try to convert a video, when the conversion is completed and download begins opera mini only downloads 14kb and then
    displays download complete despite the files being much larger. I've tried the same website with other browsers and they're able to download from that site just fine. please fix this, I really rely on opera mini, other downloads from other websites work just fine with opera mini only that one website is giving error.

  • @miyukiwork Hi! Can you forward a request to the dev team. The opera mini it's perfect in every aspect just a suggestion on improvement that please implement better font size customization for webpages in the app. For eg, currently you can only choose between small, medium and large sizes, now sometimes user want a size in between medium and large and sometimes sizes greater than large (extra large are preferable), so in this regard a slider (you can slide the slider to the size of your liking) for font size will help resolve this. What do you think?

  • sometimes user want a size in between medium and large

    What's between medium and large?