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Has anyone else noticed the right-hand vertical scroll bar nearly disappearing?

  • OS Windows 7-64, FWIW. Not sure if there is a work around. On Google News, it is gone, yet I can still drag the page up and down, as if it were visible, just guessing. The button/arrow at the bottom which one can click to scroll down had been gone forever. Now the whole scroll bar is apparently just out of view. On many other pages it is about 1/4 still visible. Any ideas?

  • I have installed 42.0.2393.85 and the vertical scroll bar issue is the same (as in 41.0.2353.69). Invisible on Google News and nearly off the page on all other pages, like this one. No top and bottom buttons/arrows. I guess that this is unique to me, as no one else is complaining. Weird.

  • That's strange. I do notice Google News have a custom styled scrollbar, which is a bit narrower and doesn't have the arrows, but it looks fine anyway. You don't see these arrows in this page either? Try downloading a portable version to see how it behaves.

  • Probably depends on visual settings as well - on this machine I can see things fine, on another they are hard to see. Both are W7 x64 and run the latest x64 Developer. I'll have to play with the contrast and brightness on that other machine ...

  • alobpres--
    I had an upper arrow for a while, but the lower one has been gone forever, but now the scroll bar is off the page, to the right of it. If I could find a setting to narrow the page slightly, perhaps the vertical scroll bar would come back into view. This condition seems to be the worst on Google News, but other pages (all) also have the right-hand vertical scroll bar only half within view.

  • FWIW I am running Win 7-64 Ultimate.

  • One other thing, the usual Windows arrows which appear at the window edge to allow one to expand or contract the window along that edge, only appear top, bottom, and left--not on the right side. FWIW I tried expanding left, but it doesn't pull the right edge into view. I did notice that if I jerk the left edge in and out again, it briefly drags the right edge into view (very briefly). The scroll bar still exists, but is off the page, and cannot be brought onto the screen, unless someone comes up with a work around.

  • Solution! Duh--I hadn't noticed that the middle button, upper right, middle between the X to close, and the underscore to Minimize, which toggles between saying Restore Down and Maximize, was on Maximize. Clicking it once, to show two little windows, one on top of the other, brings the right-hand vertical scroll bar back into view. Jeez, how dumb of me. Case closed.

  • It was a matter of browser window size? The scroll bar is gone only if the contents don't exceed the browser's height. I was about to ask for a screenshot, that would have helped.

  • This is for the Google News page, which is always longer than one screen full, quite a bit. So there is always a vertical scroll bar. If the middle button on the browser window's upper right is set to Maximum, the scroll bar is off the page--not visible. If the middle button is on Restore Down, then it comes into view. The set of bottons I am referring to has an X (close) right-most, the button I am referring to middle, and an underscore left-most for Minimize.

  • Is it possible that you have your desktop's resolution set to a value slightly bigger than your monitor capabilities? I've seen some strange issues when using 1366x768 on monitors which actually only support up to 1360x766.

    When maximized, do those three button look like this? (Maybe with a different color)

    Make sure you are not missing any pixel on the right side.

  • Keep in mind, external monitors will often have settings where you can adjust the image size and position on the screen. So then, part of his desktop is probably off-screen and he needs to either move it left or reduce the width or some combination of the two. When maximized, how much of a gap is there between the close button and the left edge? (See the screenshot in alobpreis post above - the button should not be touching the right edge of the screen. Likewise, the menu button should not touch the left edge of the screen.)

  • I have the resolution set correctly and am not using an external monitor. FYI.

  • Can you post a screenshot of the issue when Opera is maximized?

  • It is no longer pushing the right-hand/vertical scroll bar out of view, it does move it half off the page. Don't know if Opera or if Google did anything. Screen shot won't show much now.

  • I am on Opera 42.0.2393.94 now, FWIW.