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  • I'm new to Opera and I'm trying to find my way around Opera v41 and get it configured to my liking.

    One of the add-ons that I've installed is Shortkeys (because the built-in Opera Keyboard Shortcuts feature is too limited and restrictive).

    I am trying to create a keyboard shortcut (of my own choosing) that will mute / unmute the audio of the current tab. There is no option for this in Opera (nor even in the Shortkeys addon) but the addon does have an option to enter some Javascript to perform a function, so that could be used to implement a range of features that are not included as standard in the addon.

    However, my coding / scripting skills are zero, so I have no idea what code I would need to use, and I can't seem to find any resources online that provide Opera specific code examples which I could use as a template guide.

    For Firefox there is the KeyConfig addon (which also uses Javascript) and there are literally thousands of code examples online (tailor-made specifically for Firefox) as well as a very busy and active discussion forum thread where you can ask for specific help from other users, or even from the developer.

    I've spent a good couple of days searching for something similar for Opera, but I just keep finding a bunch of out of date config info that relates to Opera v12 - v15, or Javascript stuff that is meant for web sites rather than for the Opera browser. I am aware that there is a Chrome extension that deals solely with adding a hotkey for the tab mute function, but unfortunately it uses the built-in browser interface to configure the hotkey, so it's subject to the same limitations as the Opera browser (meaning that I can't use any of my preferred key combinations because they are not accepted).

    Can anyone please point me to some online resources where there are a collection of Javascript examples for the Opera Browser that I could use as a guide? Alternatively, if anyone knows the actual code that I need to use to toggle the mute of the current tab then that would be great (although I'd still like to find somewhere with code examples for future use).