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So far, not impressed

  • You know, coldwater, you appear to be trolling in the forum. It's obvious you are not happy with the new browser so one has to ask: why are you here? If you need help with the browser, there are members here who are more than willing to give assistance. If you want to make suggestions for features you'd like to see returned or added, the Suggestion folder is probably more appropriate OR the developer blogs are even better. But if all you want to do is go from thread to thread undermining posters who happen to like the new browser, then really... you're simply trolling.

  • Like you, bangorme, the speed dial is the feature that really grabs me. I have speed dial folders that for me cover a high percentage of the bookmarks i use, and beautiful wall paper that I rotate. It's just really delightful. I've always found IE BORING. Maybe ponderous -- your word -- is the better word. I have all the major browsers set up -- IE, Chrome, Forefox, and Opera 12.16, as well as Opera 20, but 20 now is the one i still like using -- my default.

    You're right about the need for better documentation. I find myself having to write a summary to explain to a new user here in the forum what's going on that Opera has not adequately done. The same for their new Android browser and Coast for Ipad. it's always been a problem with Opera. Even in the golden heyday of Opera (when they charged), it wasn't user friendly or well explained, though I thought it -- once I worked it a bit -- awesome (thanks for sure also to help in the forum).

  • Actually Leushino, I have a right to post I have opera installed as it is my hobby tweaking software, and I just gave out a tip on how to use Opera as a portable browser, I would appreciate it if you and your types would not respond to my posts, there are plenty of people in these forums that think just as I do, take a hike Leushino and take Lem729 with you

  • And I'm sure many of us would appreciate it if YOU and YOUR TYPES would stop undermining those who happen to appreciate the new browser so why don't you "take a hike" to use your own nasty words.

  • How times change.....


  • I was doing another post, and it made me thing of the question about DuckDuckgo from a week ago, so I thought I would add to that old Duckduckgo thread. Maybe I'm missing something here, and am (laughing) a week late, but it seems no biggie if you can't make something like duckduckgo a default search engine. (You can only make five possible default search engines in Opera). If you want to search with something else, go to the website of the search engine (in this case it's duckduckgo, right click on the search bar there, and add the engine to Opera. Then right click on the address bar, go to edit search engine, and you will see the letter that goes with duckduckgo. It happens to be a d.

    So if you want to search with DuckDuckGo from the address bar, just type

    d [and your search from the address bar]

    So you can search from the Opera address bar with almost any search engine, by just adding it to Opera (at the search website) (finding the initial (s) to precede your search. Dogpile is do [plus the search] (once you add it to Opera).

  • Good tip, lem.

  • Is there a way to just completely disable the default search engines? I'd prefer to just get an error page if I mistype a URL, rather than a search results page, no matter what the engine is. I'm guessing this isn't possible, but thought I'd check in case I missed something.

  • Good tip, lem.

    For sure. And as lem said, once found its easy. Finding was the hard part. So, thanks to lem.

    Opera should hire lem as a consultant, to find the many things that we have questions on and then to update Opera's documentation with his findings, producing readable documentation for the average user.

  • A consultant? Lol. Thanks, berng. I wish I knew -- when bangorme first asked about searching from duckduckgo -- that you can do it from the address bar. In the old days, I could have sent him a personal note with the answer a week later. Now I post what I found, and maybe he'll see it 🙂 and maybe he won't 😞

  • Of course I saw it! 😉 This is my 7th post here. Thanks to everyone that helped. I've been using Opera almost exclusively and am liking it more and more. It' isn't what I'd call full featured, but I'm patiently waiting for the updates!

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