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Opera 18 Make Customised Search Engine Default

  • In Opera 18, I can no longer set a customised search engine to become the default search engine when using the address bar. Also, somehow the default Google Search in my opera is set to Hong Kong, and would not allow me to change to anther country, despite of the fact that I am in the UK. Any ways that I can try to resolve this?

    I tried removing all the library folders and Opera, restarted and reinstall Opera, and somehow all the settings are still in place. What are the files that I should remove in order to completely uninstall Opera, so that I can perform an install from scratch?

  • Opera -> About Opera. There you can check the profile and cache folders to delete.
    Download the installer from and make sure your system and the installer are set to your correct locale.

    The option to choose a default search engine is not implemented in the new version yet... The devs said they're going to add it after they build a search engine hijacking protection in Opera. The workaround for now is to use the keyword of the custom one.

  • But on Windows some of the devs are posting advices to change the log in textPad to get the initial search engine variously? why we can not do same on Mac. I'm in russian internet spac but I really work often with Google rather than Yandex installed originally on loaded Opera. Why like this/ Is it hard to keep same code to get this feature for future versions of browser. 😞
    My locale is Russian-> How I do change from Yandex to Google on speed dial. How about this feature in Opera 19 for Devs?

  • Really.... since Opera 19 this feature haven't been changed. For the record - now I'm on Opera 25 already....problem still exists.((( Why like this?