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Opera for Android 41 released in beta channel!

  • Thought I posted this, but I don't see it.

    Beta 41.0.2246.110333 Android 5.1 Ellipsis 10 tablet in Tablet mode

    While doing a Google search, someething added a new icon (Breaking News) to my Speed Dial. URL of the icon is below.

  • I can't access this URL with Opera 37. Same thing with opera v41? Opera 28 works and latest Canary throw an warning about credentials before page access running Android 4.3 unencrypted (no password or pin). Link found on

  • Same thing with opera v41?

    Here it says that the page may be temporarily unavailable.

  • Well, latest Opera Beta works on my device now (sub110333 without the whole install animated process) but is awful! Rolling out a new UI, are you kidding? That's another product! It's like I'm back to square one as it was in Opera 14 only that now this browser doesn't resemble WebKit, it's more like a fragment of what it was.

  • @operamilleson another nice glitch

    There's issue with (responsible) page rendering. I have set my mobile phone as a desktop in Opera settings. If "saving data" is off page is loaded in it's responsible way to fit the screen. But if you turn "saving data" on page is loaded like in desktop. Here's video about it:
    It's not happening with one page ( only but almost every responsible pages I've visited. Could you fix it. I think it should act only one way, not two.

  • Here's a little issue: The interface is complete trash, no opera button, worse contrast (instead of black, there is a grey bar onto which the tab ears are overlayed), the goddamn vertical [...], everything is different.

    Grey text over grey buttons over grey background: this hurts my eyes. The ergonomy is nonexistent here!

    Why can't those who like the v37 interface keep it? Also the new start page is useless, the way search works now is a mess.

    Give me back my UI or fix yours, posthaste!

    Another reason: I'm used to having my right thumb as the click the refresh button, and now I find it on the left! Why!? Why change this? Has anyone here heard of muscle memory? Why change that which works? Don't pretend that you ares some almighty all-knowing gods of design that know better than me what I (emphasis: I) want. The home button is unnecessary because if I want a startpage I whip out a new tab, less clutter that way.

    Seriously, please, think this through. The Bust Button (shoulder n head) is good because I can finally access my supposedly saved pages (why can't I save them in HTML, again?), but this change is just... bad. I'd like to be positive, but I can't. My eyes hurt, the menus are bad, the contrast is nil.

  • Annoying issue after today's 41.1.2246.111555 update: red opera logo si still (forced) showing

  • Beta 41.0.2246.110204 Android 5.11 Verizon Ellipsis 10 Tablet in tablet mode

    I posted this problem on November 18:

    Another new problem. Mobile page for Hotmail web site ( is displayed even though Desktop is checked in Settings. Stable Opera, as well as latest Chrome, Firefox, and Firefox Beta all display Desktop page in such cases. This is a problem because some Hotmail features are unavailable with Mobioe page.

    End of originsl post.

    By accident, I found a solution and am posting it in case it might help others. Append ?bo=1 to the URL above while in Desktop mode, and the desktop version is displayed.

    As mentioned above, the problem occurs with Opera Beta, but not with Chrome, stable Opera, Firefox and Firefox Beta. Also does not occur with Chrome Beta, but DOES occur randomly with Naked Browser (free version). The fix works for both Opera Beta and Naked Browser.

    I did a number of Google searches to try to find a definition of?bo=1 but had no luck.

  • After new update 41.1.2246.111555 there's no possibility to turn on/off data saving easily. Now ou have fo go to the settings end set it there. Could you please bring back easily way how to enable data saving easily (previous versions of app)?

  • Opera Beta 41.1.2246.111555 Android 5.1 Verizon Ellipsis 10 tablet in Tablet mode

    This newest beta (released in Playstore today) kept giving me a blank screen until I uninstalled previous beta and did a clean re-install.

    The Hotmail site problem I posted about on November 18 (and earlier today) still exists, but my fix still works.

    Tabs opened through SpeedDial and Bookmarks now both open before existing tabs, so behavior is now consistent, even though different from stable Opera.

  • There's still no possibility to do anything on Google drive page. Could you finally fix it? Everything works in opera 37 version, but after latest updates just mess

  • And also there still persists download issue steps: some file,
    2.delete that file from storage, not delete log in opera app about downloading in downloads section, again the same file from step 1,
    5.this file won't show up in download folder in pgone storage,
    6.if you wanna fix step 5, you have to delete download log (step 3) to opera not remeber this download.
    I think this is nonsense and sgould be fix asap, because it's looooong going issue, reported many times by me. But obviously you don't care...

  • Opera Beta 41.1.2246.111555 Android 5.1 Verizon Ellipsis 10 tablet in Tablet

    Having some problems with news, possibly to do with Reader mode. Unless I set Reader mode in Settings to Disable, stories don't always come up. After reading a few stories with Reader mode Auto/Enable, Opera hangs until I clear cache through Android settings.

    Possibly unrelated to the beta, there seems to be a problem with Opera servers. I had to disable data savings in both stable and beta Opera. Otherwise, non-https pages don't load or take forever to load. This may have been going on for a while as I've been testing other browsers and wasn't using Opera much until the beta release on December 17.

  • More about news problem. With Reader mode Auto/Enabled, I'm sometimes getting a security error.

    This server could not prove that it is ...

  • I have enabled the ad blocker but ads are still showing! What I do now ?

  • Could you please STOP changing UI every (not bug fix) update? It's starting to be annoying a lot!! Do you even know what you want?

  • Opera Beta 41.1.2246.111555 Android 5.1 Verizon Ellipsis 10 tablet in Tablet mode

    I'm occasionally getting "freezes" when I start Opera Beta. I either get an all-white screen, or if I had a tab open when I last closed, an all-white screen with a blank tab. I'm also sometimes gettng a "not responding" message from Android. Clearing cache through Android settings fixes the problem.

    Also, there's a noticeable lag after starting Opera Beta before the home screen is displayed, with or without open tabs.

  • Looks like Opera did some work on News feed. Reader mode set to Enabled now works as expected. Don't know what Auto is suppose to do. With previous beta, it worked Like Enabled, except a prompt about making reader mode default was sometimes issued. Now Auto seems to work the same as Disabled.

  • Micro Stutter in Opera Beta only !

    Long pressing the + button could you make the special 3 vertical tab button deprecated on mobile phones using tablet mode.

    Furthermore only since the overhaul started of the user interface months ago, Opera Beta has micro stutter when scrolling. Both on my Galaxy Note 2 and Note 10.

    The official not a beta has no micro stutter when scrolling. It is annoying so I use Opera Beta to explore new features but I use the official non beta since that has no micro stutter.

    I like the new overhaul but sincerely hope it is debug remnants or something like that causing Opera Beta micro stutter even on the simplest sites.

    It started with the first overhaul beta release in September.

  • While opening menu for bookmarks, saved pages,... animation is not smooth, but laggy.