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Weird and annoying character issue

  • Hi

    I'm Brazilian and I'm having a weird problem with Opera for quite sometime now. It doesn't display special characters correctly on some sites and I simply don't know what to do.

    On some websites, like Facebook or Wordpress, whenever I type something with accents or special characters, like "Você" it eats the space between words. So instead of something like this "O que você está pensando", which would be correct, I got "O que vocêestápensando". Or "Álbum de fotos" which shows to me with the "L" being overwritten into the "Á".

    I have some screenshots showing this issue, but I don't know if I can post them here.

  • What version of Opera and what OS?

    I will check again later but I don't seem to be facing this issue.

    I have some screenshots showing this issue, but I don't know if I can post them here.

    You can, just check the posting guide /FAQ on how to do it.

  • So, even on this forum I'm getting this:


    Note that wherever there is something with accentuation there is no space after the character. I've already tried setting encoding to auto but it didn't work. And I also tried to reinstall Opera days ago.

    Ah, I'm running Opera 41, updated earlier today, and Windows 10.

  • So you can't add the space? Or you add it but when you submit the text, it gets messed up?

  • It depends. In this forum, when I did type my original post, it looked fine. It got messed up after. But on Facebook, you can see the cursor appearing on top of the last letter.


    Hitting space one time, like you would normally do to type another world, gives:


    Without space between letters you'd see them overwritten:


  • What are your settings for fonts and enconding?

  • Here they are:



  • I already change it to Unicote UTF8, but to no avail.

  • Have you changed any system settings considering fonts? default fonts? Installed any fonts?

    Have you downloaded/changed/customised any themes?

    Do you by any chance use this Direct Write thingy? It, too, messes things in cases.

    Any extensions to "optimise" page rendering by chance?

    To check fonts to a particular character set (alphabet), you can use some office application.
    There are fonts that can't render everything properly; there are those that render most sets quite all right.

  • I already change it to Unicote UTF8, but to no avail.

    Have you tried a different font?

  • Does Chrome work any better? If not (or even if it does), than I suppose on your PC some font is corrupted or a bit buggy. Current forum uses "Helvetica" for topic display, something else in reply editor. If you have no "Helvetica" font on you PC; then it is substituted with "Arial" or something; if you have "Helvetica" installed, then it can be buggy (contain invalid character measures).

    I have experienced problems with "Helvetica" font (source and version unknown), which created errors in some other, completely unrelated software - I then guessed than some internal measures for some chars were wrong. Looks similar problem to me here.

  • Hi guys, I'm back.

    I'd like to thank you all for your support.

    But seeing that so many things could be wrong in my end made me impatient, so I decided to reset my computer to factory conditions and start from scratch. Now everything works great.

    To not leave you guys without answers, and in hope of being useful for anyone who find this bug, I think that is reasonable to assume the following two things to explain it all:

    • I used a Chrome extension for sometime for a review which seems to be the culprit. I think so because it is the only thing that I've done that could explain fonts getting weird: the extension is FlatBook.

    • As I can't be 100% sure about that extension, I think it's safe to assume that something got messed up on my fonts. Recently I installed some for working on some desings on Illustrator/Photoshop, so it could be this also.

    Ah, I almost forgot to mention, Chrome had the same issue. Edge and Firefox were fine.

    I'm grateful to the fact that reseting Windows 10 is not hard and painful, so I fixed everything with some hours shifting backups from HDs.