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What is this view and how do I get rid of it?

  • I guess I can't post an attachment so I'll try to describe. This view comes up unexpectedly for no apparent reason. It has multiple what look like square miniature browser windows in it within an Opera tab, about 5 across by 3 up/down. It replaces a page I was viewing and can't seem to be redone. The back arrow just brings up the same incoherent view.

    What causes it to appear and how to get back to what I was doing?

  • I guess I can't post an attachment

    I guess you didn't read even the forum announcements or you should know how to include a image on your posts or, at least, a link to it.

    Not to mention the correct way to report a problem.

    Anyway, about your problem: have you tried to disable hardware acceleration?

  • Here is a link to an image of the crazy screen view:[user]=99945878&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0

    I don't know how to reproduce the problem. It's version 40.0.2308.81.

    Don't know what hardware acceleration is or why I would have tried to disable it.

  • I should clarify that the particular case shown in the image in my previous message happened during multiple unsuccessful attempts to log in to my Opera account so I could access this forum (which is apparently the only way to ask a question about Opera since they list no support contacts). However it also happens with other web pages.

  • You would try because he asked you to - it might help.

    Hardware acceleration means using your video hardware in ways to speed up something. But sometimes it can lead to errors like this. Thus, there is an option in Settings to turn it off (under Browser, and you'll need to turn on Advanced settings).

  • A new twist. The black screens and mystery popup were mentioned in my other message that was closed. Screen goes blank and a popup appears too briefly to read. Seems related but doesn't always lead to the crazy-view.

    And here is another image of what happened a few minutes ago while accessing this forum. In this case I was able to scroll down before it froze and could see that there are at least 8 rows of the mini-browser images.

    BTW, nothing in this view responds to mouse clicks.

  • So how about disabling hardware acceleration? Did it help?

  • I noticed that the extra windows have a blue Opera Menu button fwiw. Maybe that's a hint for a dev if they see this.

    It definitely seems like some hardware acceleration issue. As said, it would be interesting to see if it happens with hardware acceleration off.

    With hardware acceleration on, it might be a specific setting in the opera://flags page that was changed. I'd go there and choose "reset all to default" and restart Opera. I might also/instead, download the Opera installer, launch it, click "options", set "install path" to a folder on my desktop, set "install for" to "Standalone Installation (USB)" and install. Then, I'd test in that Opera with the default settings to see if it happens again.

    Another thing I might do is go to the opera://gpu page to see what it says. I'd also look there or in the windows device manager or display settings to see what gpu I have. Then, I'd search for an updated driver on the manufacturer's website, download it and install it.

    If the problem pops up in the standalone installation of Opera, I might try standalone installations of a "beta" and "developer" versions from, to see if those versions have the problem. Perhaps it's a bug/glitch that's already fixed.

    I might download Chrome and see if it happens with it also.

  • Disabling hardware acceleration seemed to do the trick, or at least it hasn't happened recently. I still get the black screen and popup occasionally too fast to read after I click a link but before the next page loads. But the totally disabling issue with the multiple windows on one page hasn't happened since my last post when I disabled acceleration. Never happened with Chrome or Explorer.

    Thanks for the recommendations to explore gpu pages and whatnot, but I really have no intrinsic interest in fixing it except that I'm looking for a better browser. I'm willing to let someone know about a problem. If the Opera folks aren't monitoring these forums and taking an active interest in resolving problems, that's their business, but it seems a bad idea not to because they have exactly zero ways to contact them directly. How they would even hear about problems I have no idea. Incidentally, my latest gripe is no way to share web pages by email. Hopefully they've got that info already given that there have been a number of posts. I'll be moving on to another PC browser because of it.