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Your browser does not support Live stream playback.

  • Hi, can anyone help with this please.

    Windows 10 on a touchscreen laptop.

    I am looking at the following website :-

    Rather than displaying streaming web cam video it shows the error message

      " Your browser does not support Live stream playback.  "

    Version information

    Version: 40.0.2308.81 - Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 10 64-bit (WoW64)

    Opera turbo is off.


  • Is the VPN turned off? What about ad blockers?

  • Tried it with VPN off/on and AD block off/on. No other AD blockers etc.

    Works in IE and Chrome.

    Can't find any other related settings in Opera, does it require an Ad on or something ?

  • Right....installed the latest version of Flash and now I do not get the error message...instead I get a spinning wheel as though it is trying to start the video but it does not start. Tried it with/without VPN etc. The Flash plug in is enabled...if I disable it I get the original error message.

    Mmm any other ideas please?

  • If you use an extension to change Opera's user agent, does the 'unsupported browser' message shows up?

  • Hey that's a cool extension.....but unfortunately, I have tried a few of them and I just get the same spinning wheel. The unsupported browser message was before I updated Flash.

    Same PC, works fine in IE and Chrome.....any more ideas please ?

  • Works fine in the latest Developer (test version) and Stable on Windows 7 ... looks like it must be raining, parts of the image distort like there are water droplets on the lens.

  • Good idea sgunhouse....I have downloaded the Beta version and the live web cam streaming works fine.

    Yup, I'd say it is raining and there is a spiders web on one of the cams !

  • After playing with it for a bit, it doesn't stream Video with the VPN turned on for that site. Works fin with VPN turned off though. Cheers

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