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Urgent Chrome update: BEWARE!!

  • Hi everyone!

    I just got a pop-up in Opera with nothing more than this:

    Urgent Chrome update. Below it is a download link and a large google chrome logo.

    Please BEWARE if you receive this as it is malware or a virus. Something similar is also happening with the Firefox browser.

    DO NOT click on the download link. This is NOT how Opera does it's updates!


  • If you were not on a (suspicious) page that may have shown that pop-up, I think you should scan your system for malwares.

  • I agree with @leocg. Malware-scan your system, since the pop-up's showing up while using two completely different browsers.

    Can you determine the URL underlying the download link (without left-clicking on it)? If so, can you post it here with obfuscation (ie: make it unclickable by changing the http portion of the URL into something like hxxp or h--ps).

    1. "Urgent" is malware, high chance.
    2. We don't see anything - it's a vermin on your system, check it.
    3. If in Chrome, you could receive a link without any risk by copying the whole thing then pasting it into a Word or similar document, where there are menus as to work with links.
  • Checked my entire system for viruses and malware. All is good!!

  • Saw a post on Slashdot ... were you visiting Spotify when it happened?

  • For a non-Chrome web browser like Firefox to display an "urgent pop-up warning" about a Chrome browser update, the mechanism creating that message has to exist in: the system, its scheduler, or a specific malicious website (or an ad it's hosting). If the message is being triggered by your system or its scheduler, it indicates at least a system-account-level penetration by malware. If the message is triggered by a visiting a particular website, then you're dealing with a corrupt website or a malicious ad which the site is hosting.

    You haven't linked the pop-up to a particular website URL in your posts, leading to a suspicion there is malware on your system. Is the pop-up occurring at multiple sites or at just one URL (in which case, which one? -- and please obfuscate any URL spelling of that site as noted earlier)?