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New version of Opera for Android with UI overhaul

  • @jonaballen Thx for the tip, it works this way 🆙

  • @kmacjr

    I had this same problem. You need to switch back to Phone layout, then unselect the "Full Screen" setting. Then you can switch back to Tablet layout, and the bottom bar should be gone.
    I'm assuming it is a bug.

    The trick seems to work. Thank you.

    Opera should check these things before launching a new version.

  • @andreasbovens

    I'm liking the improvements from the first beta release of this new design. Still not favoured over the old layout though. But if we're moving forward, gotta do the best with it... :|

    One suggestion. As a right handed person, I'd prefer having the tab close 'x' on the right side of the tab for easy reaching.

    As an extended thought, I wondered at the possibility to provide an option to choose left or right handed to switch the x and also maybe flip the entire top menu and place the 3dot, profile & new tab buttons to the other side of the screen....just a thought.

  • can we create folders for 'Saved Page'? i got a loads of articles to read offline, but somehow, quite difficult to find because i got too many saved pages. don't blame me, blame my internet service provider.

  • @deathbearry


    this might have to go into mini and desktop versions as well, to allow syncing.

    if you open a thread about this issue in the 'suggestions' subforum, i'll second your motion.

  • Could you please implement dark theme option to set as default? It may look like incognito mode. Current default theme is too bright! It burns eyes...

    When I open a new tab I would like the Speed Dial to be displayed. Using home button seems a bit counter-intuitive.

  • Beta 41.0.2246.11033 Android 5.1 Ellipsis 10 tablet in Tablet mode

    There may be a new security exploit that affects this beta. While doing a Google search, something added an icon to my Speed Dial entitled Breaking News. The icon ponted to the URL below.

  • Um,,I haven't got any updates since June. Funny enough, my friend's opera updated a while ago, and I'm still with the old version (37). The playstore shows the screenshots and info for the new version. However. When I scroll down to the bottom, it says version 37 updated on June 15.-) I'm on S7 Edge.

  • When I scroll down to the bottom, it says version 37 updated on June 15.-)

    You mean 37 beta?

  • No, it doesn't say beta. I don't have a beta installed at all. It is just that. The pics and info are for the new version, but the version I end up downloading and see at the bottom is from June 15. Uninstalling doesn't help it either.

  • [Unrelated comment removed. Please read the forum rules before posting.]

  • wow, that is one ugly UI ...

  • Please, add read mode!

  • Assist application? What's the point of this option? It just opens Google now app and that's all...

    [](' target='_blank)

  • Assist application? What's the point of this option? It just opens Google now app and that's all...

    I guess this is an Android's menu.

  • I requestEd you to modify tab closer(X) button to right side on tablet mode,,, now it is on left side it causes so much inconvenience...Opera development team please consider my request I already requested you the same before 2 months back on the forum but you people did nothing.,P.S- please respond me only dev team not anonymous people..

  • Long pressing the + button could you make the special 3 vertical tab button deprecated on mobile phones using tablet mode.

    Furthermore only since the overhaul started of the user interface months ago, Opera Beta has micro stutter when scrolling. Both on my Galaxy Note 2 and Note 10.

    The official not a beta has no micro stutter when scrolling. It is annoying so I use Opera Beta to explore new features but I use the official non beta since that has no micro stutter.

    I like the new overhaul but sincerely hope it is debug remnants or something like that causing Opera Beta micro stutter even on the simplest sites.

    It started with the first overhaul beta release.

  • This is awful! Why can't I just have my Speed Dial page, not all these 'channels' which I can't remove!? I didn't ask for them! This is just fiddling with the UI for no gain. Put Speed Dial back as it was, or at least let me get rid of ALL the channels on the home page except SD.

  • @personal1985

    Hi, thanks for giving feedback! We will investigate this and see what we can find regarding the stutter issue.

  • Do you plan to return possibility to turn on/off data saving easily (not this way, hidden in settings only)? It was, for me, really useful feature while I often switch between wifi (data saving off) and mobile data (data saving on).

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