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VPN: "Authentication credentials required"?

  • Just installed Opera for Windows. Why when VPN enabled am I getting this message upon attempting to open any website?

  • yea i have been getting the same problem as well. any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • Do you use some kind of proxy to connect to the Internet?

  • No proxy. Still unable to reach any sites with VPN enabled.

  • Ok, works this morning but very slowly and pages are improperly formatted (all text). Looks like many others are reporting similar issues with the VPN support. Opera, if you're listening, the free VPN is the reason many people are downloading your browser. If you offer it, you have to provide enough capacity for it to actually work. I expect a connection through a VPN to be a little slow, but not as bad as this. ATM it's really not usable.

  • Same here just installed opera. With VPN enabled it just not surf or tooooooo slow. and same error "Authentication credentials required". I feel like Opera Did Gimmick to increase their browser download hits.

  • Same here after enable VPN can not open any website even ebay or amazon.

  • Do you se any anti-virus and/or security suite? If so, does VPN works if you disable those softwares or white-list Opera?

  • Same here. Installed on Mac. Same error message re: Authentication credentials required.

  • Same. Oh well I tried Opera 3 months ago and it needed work, saw an article and figured hey a free vpn I will try it again but it doesnt work on most sites with it on or its slower than dial up.
    Oh well maybe next year

  • Same problem same message "Authentication credentials required.", VPN was the main reason I just downloaded the browser so I hope this is resolved soon! However this issue aside I really like what I see so far and I think I will still stick around and give up my Chrome browser for a bit to see if I can make a permanent switch to Opera.

  • same problem here. I download the newest opera then enabled the vpn and voila message appeared " Authentication credentials required. "

  • Same problem. Opera 40.0.2308.62 for Linux amd64. Direct connection to the internet (i.e. no proxy). I can connect to Opera sites and to SurfEasy sites, but nothing else.

  • Same problem. Windows 7 64.

  • Try the following. It works for me.

    Inside Internet Protocol Properties of your network connection: DO NOT obtain IP and DNS server addresses automatically. Assign valid IP and DNS server addresses.

    If you're using Windows 7, right-click on the network icon in the system tray. Go to Open Network and Sharing Center. Right-click on the connection you're currently using. Go to Properties. Choose IPv4 if you're using it. Start from there.

    And, good luck. 🙂

  • The reason you are getting "Authentication credentials required" is because you have not selected a country profile and the VPN location is set to Optimal... see fix below.

    After downloading the new Opera VPN version do the following:

    1. Go to Opera "Menu" at top left of screen and then click "Settings"
    2. Select "Privacy & Security"
    3. Select the VPN option and select "Enable VPN" tick box
    4. Close "Settings menu"
    5. Open a new tab and you will see a small blue icon called "VPN" in the address Bar
    6. Left click on the blue "VPN" icon
    7. It will open a drop down menu showing a blue slider with the Option "VPN ON"
    8. At the bottom of the drop down menu it will have a setting: "Virtual Location"
    9. Beneath this it will have an option box which is set to "Optimal Location" (this is the default setting)
    10. Click the down arrow option to change your location from the default (this is the cause of the problem)
    11. Set the option to whichever country suits you best, you do not want it set as "Optimal Location"
    12. Open a new tab and type in any address and ... Voilà!
      You do not have to change anything on your local PC or notebook as Opera browser is handling all calls using its own VPN ip address, enjoy surfing anonymously 👽
  • This is being fixed now and you should expect an update soon.

  • The reason you are getting "Authentication credentials required" is because you have not selected a country profile and the VPN location is set to Optimal...

    I had tried that. It didn't work for me.

  • Opera 40.0 is out and its VPN is working fine even without tweaking (at least, in my systems). So, you people can leave developer and switch to stable, if VPN is your primary reason for using the former

  • Fixed. Working well