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Opera Mini 19 beta 4 for Android

  • Hi! We've pushed another Opera Mini beta update to Google Play.
    You can see restyled address bar in this version and we've fixed many issues with the start page NewsFeed for those of you living in U.S. or Indonesia.

    5 hours later and nowhere to be found (outside that link):)

  • Can't able to sign in to Facebook. Everytime I try to login everytime it shows 'Sorry-Page not available' Error with this text "Sorry, this is not supported."
    after just hit login button it redirects to this url,
    I checked if it was a facebook's problem but it wasn't all other web browser works fine. Please fix this problem ASAP.

  • I'm getting the same can't access Facebook..sort it out please

  • Yes. We are looking into the Facebook issue and will be fixed very soon.

  • @miyukiwork: maybe you could specify the version wit future announcements. current play store version dates sept 8, but is signed as mini beta 19.0.2254.107487 (like the one from sept 1), and no noticeable differences. still wasting bandwidth on unwanted newsfeeds and search suggestions 😞

  • Native play store app still doesn't list it. 😕

  • I don't know why I can't get any update via Google Play. Still my play store shows the previous Opera Mini beta 19.0.2254.197487 which was got updated on Aug 31, 2016
    Do you opera guys update it with geo- restrictions??

  • I don't know why I can't get any update via Google Play. Still my play store shows the previous Opera Mini beta 19.0.2254.197487 which was got updated on Aug 31, 2016
    Do you opera guys update it with geo- restrictions??

    I have changed several geo locations using Surfeasy's VPN today and yesterday, US, Germany, etc without any success then a few minutes ago it came to my mind that miyuki looks too much Japanese 😃 ❤ so I connected through Japan and voilla the update is there in Google Play. Build 107915

  • ya, now I go to play store again using VPN & got a update but WTF !!!!!!!!!
    Where is the separated search bar in the new release of Opera Mini beta 19.0.2254.109715 ???? It's annoying that there is no separated search bar in the omnibar section.
    Opera developers are just doing crazy. In the old Opera Mini 7.6 version there has a search bar. When the new native version release they just removed it. After that in the Opera Mini beta 18 they again implant the new search bar. But in the stable version they removed it again. After that in the beta version of Opera Mini 19 they add it again but now they removed it once again. What's going on at the Opera ???????????

  • Can't access facebook too after today.

  • Secure sites with Let's Encrypt certificates are marked as invalid, even in!
    This only started a couple of days ago. Please fix the problem. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • Hi. I located in the iran country . in the my country opera mini servers such as or is blocked . but we modified this servers by opera mini proxys such as or . this modificatin causes to runing opera mini in my countrys .

    but today all modified opera minies in the my country(Iran) such as opera mini 8 to opera mini 19 beta is issued for loading facebook site on extreme server mode or turbo mode . please fixed this issue bucause peaple in my country have loved opera mini browsers .

  • The extreme data mode caused i:/error/unsupported.html error in facebook, google and some other web.

    Turning off extreme data mode, get rid the i:/error/unsupported.html error.

    Please, fix it.

  • Still facing "i:/error/unsupported.html error" for facebook and twitter.

  • I'm also facing i:/error/unsupported.html error for almost all websites here with extreme mode. Not using the beta though, it's the latest version from play store. What's going on? 😞

  • Opened google search & facebook got error i:/error/unsupported.html since this afternoon till now, kindly fixed

  • What s the build number of this last update? Facebook seems OK here but i'm not sure if i'm using the latest build.

  • thanks jackob11, for the heads-up about the return of the omnibar nonsense in 107915. i'll stay with 107487 and won't update to that kind of crap.

    looking at all this malarkey one comes to think whether google money is going to opera in return for access to user data and that this is also influencing the browser design. so we won't have a seperate adress field, another default search engine or a transparent cookie management away from google's eyes. 😞

  • For the past few days, i can't open facebook using opera mini. It always shows i:/error/unsupported.html which is so frustrating because i use my facebook account mostly for educational purpose. Pls something should be done ASAP

  • Bring back the separated search bar in the next release of Opera Mini