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Blocking “Do you want to leave this site?” Pop-up

  • On several sites, when I try to cancel or leave the page, even refresh it, I get an annoying pop-up asking me:
    “Do you want to leave this site?”

    I find asking for such confirmation quite unnecessary and in the long run annoying.
    The adblocker does nothing to block it. In fact, it's not so much a matter of blocking as automatically answering "Yes".

    I understand that this is not a problem with Opera alone, nevertheless is there a way of getting rid of it?

  • Maybe a extension that blocks that javascript may help.

  • Some ... some sites (web apps and such) need to save their data before you leave, that is why the function exists. Some sites do misuse it, though. Blocking it completely isn't a good idea. An extension would need a built-in list of sites that require that function, or else they'll need you to click some sort of "Do not show this dialog again" checkbox on a site by site basis. There is probably an extension which can block them, though.

  • Maybe a extension that blocks that javascript may help.

    JavaScript can be turned off in the Settings, but its recommended position is on for all sites. Next time I come across the pop-up under discussion, I'll try turning JavaScript off and see what happens.

    Now I come to think of it, I don't remember ever seeing the “Do you want to leave this site?” pop-up in old Opera Presto. So there must be a way of doing away with it thru the browser.