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15 Years Fan of Opera ends soon

  • maybe some of you remember me from or my website

    I really a big Opera Fan, but Opera12.18 with Mail is not useable, many Websites doesn't work any more - but OK Opera39 works;
    The big trouble is the mail client of opera is no longer usable, neither my virus scanner Eset Nod 32 still my domain providers support Opera1218/OperaMail.

    heavy heart I will probably replace Opera slowly

    Will Opera update OperaMail ?

  • Nope. Development is discontinued.

  • There was an update to Mail the same time as 12.18 was released, which has only the changes to security protocols that 12.18 had. If mail in 12.18 isn't working for you, the update for Mail is not going to help.

  • Opera Mail was in those days the reason to change to opera. Opera has good possibility to filter, to handle different MailAccounts AND I use more then one Opera+Mail on my PC so I can split privat und other email

    Even from my feedback from Opera@USB really a lot people (Technican,People abroad - esp in the time before Smartphone) uses Opera and his mailclient

  • I still use Mail here - what problems are you having with it?

  • and my Domain and the Virusscan NOD32 gives problems with zertificates;

    With GMX login sometime doesn't work
    After (Re)start of Opera1218 it works, regular Mailcheck fails.

    My old (updated from 12.15-12.18) works, the new 12.18 doesn't work

    Opera 1218 works basicly, but not with nod32 viruscan since the new Version.

  • If you get a certificate error, click on the Details tab and tell it to remember the certificate your antivirus uses.

  • Basically a good Idea but for Websites you have to this approximately 20 times a page; you have to install eset.cer after it should work for most pages

    Mailprovider GMX doesn't support Opera12.x anymore so I didn't find the error in Detail - GMX and Eset Viruscan doesn't support the old Opera, so to ask support doesn't help, the say install modern Software.

    with a new Opera1218 and NOD32 it's not possible to open

  • Strange, since the update was to fix stuff like that ...

  • Would it be possible to use my old Opera mail , with the new Operamail?

    Regards Max

  • does not exist. If it did, you could have, but since it doesn't nobody can send mail to that address.

  • does not exist. If it did, you could have, but since it doesn't nobody can send mail to that address.

    My wife still uses her email!

  • Sorry, thought he meant ... if he can access his operamail account with some other email client then he could use Opera Mail too.

  • Hi,

    Still using operamail. It runs Ok, but does not seem to detect correctly thru bayesan filter. Seems slower and slower but is still useable.

  • A big thank you miraculix for all the support you gave users with opera@usb. I've never enjoyed using the web more than in the Presto days.

  • dude, switch to vivaldi. it was created by the original creators of opera. totally customizable gui. just like old opera, only better! and its faster than a roadrunner on speed! i have run into a few hiccups here and there with tho w/ vivaldi (like original opera)( but nowhere near as bad). i've just been keeping maxthon loaded in case i need it (stable, switchable web engine, easy website media downloader, easy engaging of split screen mode (vivaldi's a little bit of a pain to get split screen going)). but other than that i've been finding myself using vivaldi more and more. I only use opera on my android tablet nowadays.

  • I enjoyed your collection of portable versions of old Opera, and I hope it stays up somehow, even after you personally stop using Opera 12.18.

  • Vivaldi is coming with mail soon.