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  • HI,
    I am using opera and i love to use it, from last couple of days i am some kind of serious issue actually since i moved to Australia from Pakistan. I am trying to use a website this site has location restrictions and i check all the settings in my browser all are up to mark, when i delete file from appdata then it worked but i don't want to loss my data stored. please help me to fix this problem

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  • Is Opera Turbo enabled? If so, turn it off.

  • its turn off

  • as i told you when i delete appdata then it was working but when i put my old opera file in appdata it stop working again

  • its working in Incognito Mode but in simple mode of opera, where as site is also working on other browsers but i told you i love to use opera

  • That tells me one of your extensions might be the problem. Try disabling them all and see if it works. If it does, turn them on again one by one until it breaks. Then you will know which one is causing the problem.

  • i have only one adblock extension i disable it still not working

  • What about Opera's ad-blocker? try disabling it for that page if the case.

  • i did all these steps, i clear appdata file then it start working, but i do not want to lose my data, I appreciate your response please help me out fix this problem

  • i clear appdata file then it start working, but i do not want to lose my data,

    Rename Opera's profile folder so a new one will be created. Then start copying the files from old to new profile folder, one by one, until you find which one is causing the issue.

    But before doing that, try editing Local State and change the country code in following lines:

  • What would be timestamp for Australia

  • Meaningless ... timestamp is when it checked your location and not where you are. Nothing wrong with using his timestamp.

  • i did all the stuff nothing happen accept deleting all the opera folder