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  • Could you make gaps in bookmarks section smaller?

  • My version of the toolbar

    It's more convenient, I think

  • Some problems:

    Tapping on the sync icon shows briefly the other synced speed dials then the browser minimizes in a loop.

    After usiing the tab selector for quite some time the browser froze again.

  • It is really an issue to offer an option for tablet mode on phones?

  • Windows in tab selector are still white. When do you plan to fix it finally?

  • I meant this

    It's the forward button mate, they decided to put it there and have the share button constantly in our face instead 🙂

  • Opera Beta 37.1.2192.108172
    Android 5.1
    Verizon Ellipsis 10 tablet

    With this release, Opera's getting there. I realize some of the changes are quick fixes and not permanent. With this in mind, here are my comments about new problems and fixes.

    New Problems:

    Tablet users can only use tablet layout. From reviews on Google Play Store, it seems that some people are using classic layout with tablets. Those users are probably going to be unhappy; those using tablet layout are probably going to be happy. I'm guessing this was a quick fix, and hope you'll ultimately restore Phone/Classic/Tablet in settings for everyone.

    If you have open tabs, then go to Home screen (Speed Dial or News), you cannot get back to tabs without opening another tab via search bar, Speed Dial, Bookmark, or Tab Manager.

    If you have existing tabs, and open a new tab with Speed Dial, the new tab is placed before existing tabs; if you open new tab with another method, it's placed after existing. I prefer "after" placement, but could get used to "before". Behavior should, of course, be consistent.


    Thanks for changing "Reading list" to "Offline pages".

    Thanks for restoring Forward. I'm guessing placement in pulldown menu is a quick fix, and will ultimately change.

    Other Issues:

    I can't check some of the other issues, since I have only a tablet and can no longer use classic layout.

  • P.S. to my previous comment

    I like the new placement of the X on existing tabs before text rather than after. While this is different from other browsers I use, and will take some getting used to, it solves the problem of the X sometimes not being visible with a lot of existing tabs.

  • Windows in tab selector are still white. When do you plan to fix it finally?

    It works here.

  • Overall....I'm not loving the changes.

    I understand that betas are meant for trialing new things so heres some feedback for you devs 🙂

    1. I LOATHE that I can no longer view my tabs across the top (tablet layout) using my smartphone.
      That essentially is the number 1 reason I use Opera as my primary browser.

    2. I miss being able to swipe left for my History right from the main Speed dial screen.

    3. I miss being able to choose my download location, even being able to select a location on my micro SD for larger downloads.

    4. I'm worried that the news feeds will be updating while not using the app, affecting my battery consumption. If it only updates when Opera is launched, then we're good.

    5. There's a bug when checking on the Data savings box. It doesn't check on though the features enable. Pressing the button again adds the tick but disables\greys out the options.

    Now the things that I like:

    1. The general appearance looks nice and modern.
    2. The news feed is cool but I tend to use twitter for my news so it really becomes redundant to me. It would be nice to have a toggle that would remove all feed\news tabs from the main screen.
    3. Red Opera banner is too large and I actually prefer the look once it's swiped up.

    That's about it....cosmetic changes doesn't improve my experience, feature removal ruins my experience...but hey! That's what betas are for, right? 🙂

  • Opera Beta 37.1.2192.108172 Android 5.1 Verizon Ellipsis 10 tablet with tablet layout

    New Problems:

    If you go to Bookmarks while you have existing tabs, the only way to get back to tabs is to open a bookmark or go to Home screen and open a new tab via some method. This is similar to Speed Dial problem I reported in a previous message.


    Thanks for reverting to opening sites in current tab. Except for new problem above (and similar Speed Dial problem) this now seems to work the way I want.

  • Current Speed Dial really should contain as a tab:

    1. History (from "user center")

    2. Synced Tabs (from that cloud-icon on tabs view thing)

    3. Recently closed pages

    I think all this stuff should be available from the box right on the main page.
    User center instead could contain all other less important things: downloads, downloaded page, bookmarks, some syncing things, cross-browser history (why not?), etc, etc.

    It could be customizable, as it is now for news and stuff.

  • Please, restore "TABLET MODE"!

    Guys, I was using Opera Browser Beta for a long time and it is such a good browser? But after recent update you cut out "Tablet Mode". Why you did that? Are you crazy? This feature, together with "Text Wrap" and "Ads Block", is what it makes Opera Browser GREAT!!! Why you abandoned "Tablet Mode"? Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone with 5.7 inch screen and "Tablet Mode" was an enjoyment on a smartphone.

    I'm very disappointed with you. I immediately threw out Opera Browser Beta and downloaded Opera Browser. And I will not update it to the newest version because I assume that you definitely remove "Tablet Mode" after you update Opera Browser as well.

  • address bar search history gone?

  • Thank you, the user interface feels refreshing.

    However, I really dislike it when an application makes decisions for me, that is without asking.

    The three things that you should consider to change:

    1. I want the ability to use the "Tablet" layout on my device, regardless of whether it is a tablet or not. I acknowledge that it there is a certain appeal to it, but I dislike the time it takes for the tab overview and the tab switching animations to execute.
    2. I do not want to be presented with icons which cannot be removed when I click on the address and search bar combination. If you require advertisement, it should not only be announced properly, there should also be a way to make a purchase to avoid it.
    3. The page refresh button or function seems to be missing! -- Wait a minute, it seems to be there at the left edge of the address bar, but no icon is displayed.
  • @operamilleson

    "You can try this out by visiting and clicking on the blue button."

    I do not use that "social" network to which the buttons pertain, but I did notice that there are two blue buttons there.


  • @mrninko

    "After today's update what is that arrow in 3-dot menu"

    That is the "Forward" function.

  • Interesting place where place forward button 😃

    1. Need tab bar on top
    2. Don't need all buttons on the bottom

    Anyway the new ui feels nice and clean. Good job 🙂

  • Interesting place where place forward button 😃

    "Interesting" 🙂


    Back button on the bottom menu completely duplicates standard android "back" button

    Hey what does the advanced setting "Copy and search" do?