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Windows 10 - Facebook crashing in Opera

  • Facebook page keeps crashing today in Opera. Ok with other browsers. Using Windows 10 on PC. Cleared cache and cookies then relogged in but still doing it. Any ideas?

  • This was a pre-cursor to the problems I'm currently (still) experiencing, posted here:

    ...... a game - Dragon City - on Facebook started playing up (that had otherwise been running completely OK, and continues to do so on other browsers)Next thing is that Opera refuses to start from the usual Start menu button ... the rest in on my post, FWIW ... just honestly hoping you do not get that far along the line as help so far has been a long time coming ... still waiting 😞

  • I posted in philocalist's post but will post here as well. Facebook started crashing on me yesterday after using it with no problems whatsoever. I've also cleaned out the cookies and so forth. I turned off the extensions that I have as well to no avail. Chrome and Firefox work fine.

  • I had a Java update today so I installed it and currently FB appears to be working ok....

  • ....spoke too soon! Crashing again.

  • Same here. Thought it was the result of my beloved Adblock Plus, on which I was trying to post a comment. Thought Zuck was getting back at the ad blockers.

    Nope, it's just Opera again.

    By the way, Opera, my bank doesn't support the Opera browser. What's with you, Opera?

    My first car was a Plymouth Valiant, and its nickname was "nobody's brother". Are you the Plymouth Valiant of browsers?

  • Sorry, forgot to add, using Windows 7 on PC.

  • Is Opera aware of the problem? What is being done about it?

  • Can you believe Opera doesn't have a page on Facebook? I posted a note to them (since they're asleep) on Twitter but when I went to IE and looked for them, they don't have a page.


    No wonder my bank doesn't support them.

  • Have you thought to put in a Bug Report directly to Opera, via the website? (it's down there in the Help / Support bit). At least in doing that you are putting something formal directly in front of them, rather than on here which is largely more good luck than anything else, if you can find another user who happens to have had the same issues AND been able to fix them in a way they can then communicate.

  • Done. Went to them on Twitter, where they immediately responded and said to update to Opera 39. Did that and all is okey dokey.

    With the exception that the scroll bar is black - brilliant, not - and everything has been shrunk. Can't find out how to make the boxes on Speed Dial larger yet. Off to Twitter again.

    Ah, improvements.

    Did 'you' think to write to them on Twitter, philocalist?

  • I tried earlier to update Opera but it just wouldn't auto update. Kept telling me there was a newer version but wouldn't start the update. Went to Opera site and downloaded it manually - I was on version 32 and now I'm on 39 and all seems well now - nothing black and nothing shrunk! Fingers crossed..

  • Can you believe Opera doesn't have a page on Facebook?

    Like this one?

  • Hi there! I have to say that FB can become very slow to run on even though I'm running the latest stable version.
    Had to switch to another browser just for FB (yeaks!).