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Very long extension moderation process

  • Wow, this is disappointing - my Firefox extension is approved within a few minutes, my Chrome extension is approved within hours, having published an Opera version yesterday and wondering why it was live yet, I searched and found this thread.. it looks like I'm in for a long wait!

    Can anyone tell me what subsequent updates are like - does it also take months to approve new versions of a previously approved extension?

    I'm not sure I'll bother publishing here in future if it's really as bad as it looks like it will be.

  • @danhumphrey it seems like trying to provide extensions for Opera is pointless.

  • I've been trying to get them to make the updated version of Metamask available, but they're totally unresponsive. The version on Opera is 3.14.1, while other browsers have 4.9.2, which has more functionality.

    The Metamask people submitted the upgrade some time ago (though I don't know exactly when).

    You get the impression that Opera is a somewhat amateur operation.

  • @rklamp they certainly aren't taking extensions and extension developers seriously. We take time to develop, test and publish an extension to support the Opera browser and they ignore us and fail to review and approve them - it's pretty disrespectful.

  • @danhumphrey For updates it used to be couple of days, now it's months.

  • @igorjerosimic what a joke! Thanks for the update.

  • 6 months also. No reply. It's a joke.... lol

  • I checked dates - update to previous post. It's 9 months in review. No response at all.

  • What a waste of time, I give up. I have deleted my extension - I'm sticking to real browsers.

  • Hi all,

    to shorten publishing time and deal with the long moderation queue we will introduce soon auto-moderation process. With that change you will be able to release your extension quicker and gather feedback from real end users.

    Right now we are in testing phase, so please help us to improve it and adjust for yours and ours needs.
    Please submit your extension or update existing one and you will see if your extension will pass auto-moderation. While preparing extension please keep in mind acceptance-criteria and give us as much information as possible like link to privacy policy or license. Please use as less permissions as possible, rethink if you really need eg. access to all data on all websites. We will calculate reputation points for your extension and content of manifest file is a part of that calculation.

    When internal testing of auto-moderation will pass our expectations, we will make it publicly available during incoming weeks.

    Thank you for your support.

  • @tprockow That's very good to know.

    I went ahead and tried going through the upload process but always got into the queue. I went as far as deleting my extension entry and trying with a new one (since it was never published in the first place, anyway).

    An annoyance: the displayed warnings are really off the mark and can easily be bypassed.

    • As in, just because I have an svg in my extension, it complained about not being in the manifest.

    • Because I'm using Rollup as a bundler and support other browsers, I don't have chrome.notifications directly in the bundle — it shows up as const t = (chrome || browser); t.notifications.create(...), so Opera complains that I'm not using any of the requested permissions. Adding a chrome.notifications.get ||; anywhere is enough to suppress it.

    • I had https://*, so it complained that wasn't in the manifest.

    • I added, so it complained that wasn't in the manifest (and this url was never hit anyway! it was just in the code to create links!).

    I'm really only going through these because some users have been dying to have my extension on Opera, but, as a completely free extension with zero upsides for me, there's just no justification for trying to get into this browser if this process isn't improved.

  • @tprockow Is there an ETA you can share on the automatic moderation process?

    ps: Waiting for an extension to be published for 3+ weeks.

  • Another two months without moderation -

  • Please review the last version of add-on (2+ month without moderation)

  • This is a joke. Since 1 year ago all extensions are stopped in Opera.
    Neither updates or new extensions.
    It's impossible to work to Opera this way...
    I have extensions with over 1 year of waiting. Will the users wait that amount of time for an update? No, they will just switch to Chrome or Firefox where the approval is in 1 hour.
    This way I must conclude that Opera is close to decease...
    Please do something 😉


  • Same problem, the latest version of my extension - 2.6 - ( is awaiting moderation since the 31 october of 2018. The previous versions I have sent (2.3, 2.4 and 2.5) haven't been published (I sent the 2.3 version on 1 december of 2017 !).

    Please do something !

  • What about moderation guys? Added more extension Dec 3, 2018. Nothing happens

  • Why not close opera add-ons and just allow users to install Chrome extensions by default, same as Vivaldi does? This is not respectful both towards creators and users. Lack of comments and replies to this topic by Opera representing people is not acceptable.

  • Hi, Ii'm waiting more than week for moderation to publish extention update.
    How much time does it usually take?

  • Some people has been waiting for months.

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