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Adwares have access to my device hardware

  • When a random adware just open. It keep vibrate my device and the website grapped my device model. is there a way to prevent websites from accessing hardwares?

    this is the website i got into. please use this link for testing only! Z3 Compact&c=DK&o=Android&isp=Stofa As&ca=&d=MOBILE&bw=Opera Mobile&voluumdata=BASE64dmlkLi4wMDAwMDAwMS1jZDhmLTQ1OWEtODAwMC0wMDAwMDAwMDAwMDBfX3ZwaWQuLjQxNDZkMDAwLTVmMjQtMTFlNi04OGQzLTIyNGVlZTEwM2E2N19fY2FpZC4uMGE2YTJkMGUtMDMyNi00YWIzLTkzMmMtMzEwM2JhNGI3MWY0X19ydC4uUl9fbGlkLi41ZTY2MGIzZS0xZTIxLTQxZGUtYmNkZi1jNDg2YmY2ODM3MDhfX29pZDEuLjE3ODA5YjhmLTBhN2EtNGZhZC1iNDMyLWZiZjJmNzAyZjRiMV9fdmFyMS4uNzA3NjEwX192YXI4Li5vZWFwLVJYVnliM0JsTDBKbGNteHBiZyUzRCUzRC1LV0RocV9fdmFyOS4uNTMtNC00a2c1UU1fX3ZhcjEwLi4zNjB4NjQwX19yZC4ud3d3XC5cdHJrZmxcLlxjb21fX2FpZC4uX19hYi4uX19zaWQuLg&ssl=MTQ3MDg1MzgzNw%3D%3D.Pcqu-kpd36x9Qq65_5x3aH_Z5HM%3D&sha5=oeap-RXVyb3BlL0Jlcmxpbg%3D%3D-KWDhq&iwor=5ca5&zoneid=707610&subid=207011125826&srs=360x640&sha6=53-4-4kg5QM#valid

  • s there a way to prevent websites from accessing hardwares?

    I guess you would have to prevent the app to access the hardware.

    How does it behave on other browsers?

  • Note that the link contains "Sony Xperia Z3 Compact", "Android" and "Opera Mobile" - it is the adware which has access to your device, not necessarily the website.

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