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Windows + Opera + facebook = network crash!

  • Dell Inspiron notebook. 8 GB RAM. Windows 8, 64 bits. All drivers up to date. No firewall. No Antivirus activated. Running softwares : just Opera & ACDSee. No other background App.

    Network through wifi. Private AP & router.

    Two weeks ago, I updated opera to the newest version.
    Since then, every time I open f, the network will crash in 5-10 seconds.
    Total crash. Wifi drops. Need to restart the wifi card (by turn off & on again)

    Now update to v.39.0
    The problem still persists.

    If NOT browse to fb, the connection is kept on being connected even after 40 hours. Verified by ping statistics and set the notebook to always-on state.

    Using other browsers to connect to fb, there's no such problem.

    Any idea?

  • PS : Try every means I know. The final conclusion is as the title of this topic.
    Another opera version, another windows version, another machine, another programs : no problem.

    But facebook + opera, even in background tab, will disrupt the wifi connection in less than 30 seconds ..

  • Did you try using Opera portable, just to make sure there's nothing wrong with your Opera instance? Maybe an extension?

    Not sure if related, but my wifi network card on my notebook started having some issues since a few months ago. Dell SonicWall Global VPN Client would stop connecting to any VPN and when browsing some specific sites, the connection may drop as well and return after 5 minutes or so, or sooner if I disconnect and reconnect to the access point. If I connect the notebook to the network with the cable, none of these issues happen. Can you try using the UTP cable instead of wifi?

  • Thanks. Not try the portable yet, as the problem occurs only on the notebook.
    If connect through cable - no problem! <sigh>

  • I'm afraid it's an issue with the wireless network interface. In my case it started suddenly on my Lenovo notebook. If other browsers don't cause that may be related to some validation they do against antiphishing sites. You may want to use a network sniffer to see where the difference is and what causes your wifi card to hang.

  • @alobpreis : thanks.
    Load wireshark, activating ...

    Found problem with

    While my notebook exchanged data with (fb) and (fbcdn)
    There're multiple hidden data exchange with THAT ip which the server located in TURKEY.

    About 10 packets exchanged, the wifi connection dropped!!

    BTW, another suspected is that %@#&#!$@#@!!%# IP .. ! Lots of background packet exchanges without permission 😞

  • Found problem with

    Is Turbo enabled by chance? What about Sync?

  • Found problem with

    Is Turbo enabled by chance? What about Sync?

    No turbo. No sync. No extension.

    Last try

    1. Change wifi router SSID. Turn off 1 minute, turn on again.
    2. Uninstall wifi card. Shutdown computer. Power on again. Reinstall card. Reinstall driver.

    Nothing change.

    1. Open opera. Open first tab to google. Open DOS box, ping to DNS. Wait for 3 hours.
      Ping 100% return. No packet drops.

    2. Open FB in 2nd tab. 15 seconds later, some request timeout occured. But still connected. Wait 30 minutes.
      Ping shows 100% return. No packet drops.

    3. Successively press Page Down in FB 2-3 times to reach end of of page. FB tries to automatic refreshing the page, PING DROPS INSTANTANEOUSLY. 10 Sec later, WIFI CONNECTION DROPS.

    4. Restart wifi, connection returns, to be dropped again in 10-15 sec.

    Try #5 & 6 for several times. Result confirmed. Once FB refreshes the page, wifi drop instantaneously.

    1. Close FB tab. Restart wifi, connect to any website. No wifi disconnection even after 2 hours browsing.

    2. From WIRESHARK, seem like the switching of data transfer from fb server -> fbcdn server causes wifi connection drop.

    3. Try #5 & #6 with other browsers (on the same notebook), no problem.

    Thank you all for your helping hand!

  • ROTFL.
    What happened to the above comment?

    I writed 1, 2, 3 ..
    But after send, the number 2. , 3. .. 8. , 9. lost. Show only (correct) 1. and (incorrect) 4.

  • Phayathai, it's Markdown's lists rendering.

    If you start "integer-dot" listing after a proper unoccupied line, it starts with "1" whatever number you type. If I recollect it right.
    There is a 'formatting' thread in the Forum feedback, where you can try stuff and see for yourself. Read it first.
    There is a link to Markdown beneath the typing box here...

  • Problem solved.

    Pull the network cable from router to the notebook before browse to fb 😞

    Cause of problem should be from server switching between and Donno what inside the packets that disrupted wifi connection. With network cable connection, once I reach the end of the page and press PgDn, the opera's status bar showed that it was connecting to that edge-chat, hesitated for a few seconds before proceed to load more data.

    However, if pull cable out from notebook and use only wifi - connection drop instantanously when press PgDn to load more data.

    Thank you again! @alobpreis , @joshi