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Opera's Direction Has Finally Lost Another User

  • What is the point of this post? I suppose it's simply here to allow me to vent one last time after which I will permanently leave the forum. I've been a long-time Opera user going back to 1999 and actually paying for it. When Opera sent Von Tetzchner packing and deep-sixed Presto, it came as a shock - particularly the loss of the excellent "My Opera" offering they so freely gave to us (thank you, Opera, for those many wonderful years). But I stuck with Opera through the difficult early Blink years up until the disastrous announcement of the sale to a Chinese consortium.

    Now some of you will accuse me at this juncture of putting on my tinfoil hat with what I'm about to reveal but so be it. I will not trust a browser or any antivirus offering from China, Russia or Romania. Call it what you will but that is my prerogative. It would be so easy for China to hide code into the new Opera browser (see Steve Gibson's latest revelations for substance to that claim) that I cannot take that chance. You can counter with the revelations of Snowden on the NSA and I would have to agree but being from the West I'll take my chances with the US rather than China.

    So, with that I'm removing Opera permanently from my computer and saying a final good-bye to this forum and to all things Opera. Thank you, John, for the many wonderful years with Opera and for the free gift of My Opera. Those were wonderful, heady years that will not be forgotten. Time now to move on. Good-bye.

  • Well, for now I'm presuming Opera will stay in Norway, so that there really wouldn't be any chance for funny business. If development moves to China I might change my mind.

  • There is a topic to discuss the sale of Opera already.