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Remove/Disable Private Tab option?

  • Like the title says, is there a way to remove or disable private tabs/browsing. Even if i could just remove the OPTION from the MENU I would be happy. (running the latest version of opera)


  • Assuming you are using Opera Presto, you can edit menu.ini to hide those entries.

  • I'm not sure about disabling the feature, but you refer to disabling private "tabs" browsing. I think with Opera 20, you can't open a private tab, only a private window. Now within that private window you can open private tabs.

    In Opera 12.14, you could open a new private tab in a window that started out not private. You can also open a new private window.

  • Seriously? It can't be so hard to ignore the option...

  • You could also tell us what you mean by 'the latest version of opera' ?.

    found by going to either:

    Menu / Help / About Opera


    Menu / About Opera

  • Seriously? It can't be so hard to ignore the option...

    There's only one scenario in the world that I can imagine that this request makes sense: (s)he wants to spy on his/her husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/kids/gardener? and fears (s)he's missing out on sth...

  • Running Opera 20.0.1387.82

    Well let me rephrase. How can i remove the "new private WINDOW" option from theme menu. I tried editing the menu.ini as stated above and it did not work. When I was using opera 12 i was able to remove the option completely with a file/reg edit

  • ?

  • On the old forums we had the option to just ignore irritating users. It was very useful.

    I customised my menus extensively to leave just the items that I actually need (even if only occasionally), but those that I never use are gone. Inspect Element is nowhere to be found on the menus, but in the unlikely event I do want to Open Dragonfly, there's always the Ctrl D Shortcut.

    I also added several that I need, such as Open in Firefox, Open in Opera Blink, Open in Opera Next, Open in Opera Developer. Instead of a stupid submenu, which doesn't include USB installs, I have what I need directly on the Document popup menu.

    The bottom line is that customisation is essential for me. Nothing will make up for it. Even if many sites no longer work in Opera 11 or 12, years down the road, I will be happily fetching my email in Opera 12 and opening duff pages in Opera Blink or whatever.

  • I really want to disable the private window, because I'm addicted to porn and my accountability software only works if it is able to track my usage without private browsing. I really like Opera and would like to keep it as a browser, but I don't want to be tempted to look at porn with the option of private browsing.