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Bug Report for Block Ads, and Feature Request -- Feedback on New User using Opera

  • Hi Opera,

    As someone who is daily using FireFox to browse ~30 Tabs open simultaneously: very quick response browser, Block Ads, and battery friendly for my notebook computer. Many thanks for a GREAT browser!

    We have four issues with Opera for Windows (64-bit Windows 7)

    1. Bug Report for Block Ads: it throws out the baby with the bath water:
      The middle (main) part of these two web pages should show Stock Index charts, but with Block Ads on, this somehow prevents these from showing:

    Please help to fix this, many thanks!


    1. Feature Request: Please remove [Privacy_Logo] from the front of each individual tab!
      I daily use [Start_A_New_Private_Window] to open these 30+ tabs.
      ***BUT Opera shows a [Privacy_Logo] in front of each Tab, and with 30+ tabs open, all I can see for all tabs is the [Privacy_Logo]!

    In short, all 30+ tabs look the same to me, I have no way of know which tab is for just by looking at the tabs.

    ***Please note that this (2) is preventing me from using Opera as my daily browser, please help to fix this major issue, many thanks!


    1. Feature Request: Please allow HomePage rearrangement.
      I have set 30+ web pages in [Settings]>>[Open_Set_Pages], so that Opera opens these 30+ web pages each time I start Opera.

    ***Please allow me to rearrangement these Home web pages?


    1. Forum Bug Report: Numbering gets rearranged to all "1.", see above!
      I actually put in "1.", "2.", "3.", and "4." for each point, but Opera Forum changed all of these back to "1."
  • For feature requests/suggestion please use Suggestion Box. And for forum bugs please post in Forum Feedback.

  • Also see the Markdown guide linked below.

  • Yup, to form a list, you should have it all within one paragraph (no linebreaks proper - see Markdown).

    If you do not want a list to form automatically, you'll like to veer from the list forming numbering format or use Markdown's escaping tools.

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