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Something wrong with Opera browser (version 38) especially malware issue

  • My Opera browser does not have a change size font feature for two icons on the menu such as + (big size) and - (small size). So, I use my keyboard to press the buttons for + and - .

    I discovered a dangerous problem. On your Opera news articles, I pressed the button twice so that I could read big letters (sometimes). It suddenly goes to a new webpage, unexpectedly, an Apple Tech support webpage OR even a malware webpage (Opera showed me the warning for malware so I closed that window immediately). This is NOT the first time that happened to me.

    It is definitely something wrong with your Opera browser (v.38) and Opera news because it looked like that a hacker successfully implanted your program that your team failed to test it first. No, it is not okay for me to deal with this problem. You can test it yourself on your iMac to see what happen.

  • It keeps showing up another two pages after I pressed the + button a few times. It's two different junk ads - one is for Apple Tech Support page, and another one is "Brand New Cadillac Coupes And Sedans Are So Cheap It's Not Even Funny." Why is your Opera browser to do that to me? That's awful. Your Opera Beta is not working properly.

  • Hello Everyone, I am new to the "complaint" department. lol
    I suspect Opera ver. 37 might have a AUTO Update featured programed into it to automatically install version 38 and not 37 even if one downloads Version 37 the version that is installed is Ver38~ I have tried many times and the same thing happens. Yep, I removed the previous ver. of Opera. I tried to move back to Opera Version 37 but after installed I check the "about" and it is ver. 38 not 37. I hate being railroaded into updates and usually can figure out a way around it by uninstalling the previous version, rebooting and starting over. Opera could be a fantastic browser if they would stop the insanity of all those new FEATURES. It seems all the browser designers pit themselves against each other to see who can add the most crap;instead of focusing on a "bug free" stable browser. After I installed Opera 36? on my system I was delighted and use it exclusively. Then without my approval Ver 38 was auto installed and there has been nothing but one CRASH after another. If there is a way around this and it is posted somewhere between the plaints and praise < not a lot praise> please direct me to the post regarding auto updating.

  • On a Mac, I have no idea. That's usually a complaint I see on Windows, and yes I know what to do about it there.

  • From Terminal, enter one of these commands to disable automatic updating of Opera:

    For stable: defaults write com.operasoftware.Opera OPDisableAutoUpdate true

    For beta versions: defaults write com.operasoftware.OperaNext OPDisableAutoUpdate true

    For developer versions: defaults write com.operasoftware.OperaDeveloper OPDisableAutoUpdate true