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  • Hello.

    This is my first post.

    I have an Android phone, and was drawn towards Opera because of its native ad blocking.

    However, in Opera, pop-ups are blocked but ads are not.

    So I switched to Mini, or actually Mini-Beta.

    But Opera Mini is anything but ad free.

    As soon as you load it, the mini version of Discover is there.

    And EVERY THIRD OR FOURTH item are not articles at all. They are Advertisements for Google Play.


    I've not had much luck finding the magic keyword to use in an Internet search to solve this.

    Can someone here clue me in on how to make Opera Mini truly Ad Free?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Can someone here clue me in on how to make Opera Mini truly Ad Free?

    There is no way to do it, those ads are one of their funding sources.

  • My other thread was terminated with a little chiding from the person who just posted prior to this message, admonishing me for starting two, similar threads.

    For the record, when I posted this originally, it was immediately flagged for moderation.

    Since moderation is rather cryptic on here - meaning - there was no reason given for my message being flagged, nor an 'if' or 'when' it might ever see the light of day.

    So I simply viewed it as most expedient to post another kinder, more gentler version.

    Regardless - my point is quite valid. And my posting was / is an authentic query into the 'why' of things.

    I see no reason for smoke and mirrors, or for concealing the truth.

    I guess my issue is the otherwise blatant misrepresentation of this product.

    After all, I don't know about any of you, but I installed Mini because it purportedly possessed 'ad blocking'.

    But all ads are not blocked, now are they?. And unfortunately, they are more blatant and in your way than the ads experienced on regular Opera for Android.

    .......I do concede that everything in this world needs some sort of funding to survive.

    But why? Why is Opera misleading the public?

    Guess it's kind of like "mmmmmm - Donuts" instead of "mmmmmmm - cholesterol and sugar laden calorie bombs that'll blow your hips out". lol.

    Since Mini only blocks ads that it feels like blocking, this posting now becomes a request that Opera accurately advertise to the public.

    Maybe something as basic as "Mini - that blocks all ads except those that we need for money"


    "Opera - without pop-ups (but supported by the usual general Internet ads)"

    lol - obviously there are much more attractive ways to tell the truth, but I hope you understand my meaning.

    Why would that be so bad?


  • @condretti, as for ads in Discover: you can get rid of them by disabling Discover - you can find a setting for this in Settings -> Advanced.

    If ad blocking does not work on some trivial example, please provide an URL of the website for check and tell whether you browse in High or Extreme compression mode.

  • Using extreme saving mode, Opera Mini can't able to block ads when I try to download any file from website

  • naah opera mini already around since feature phone days with rendering engine which still used today (as Extreme Saving).

    over the years there's some minor fixes but basically it is the same, yet we still dig it. why? because of the compression.

    yes, there's ads now, but the data consumption won't be as high as regular browser.

    with ads it is pretty much hit or miss, because Extreme Saving can't do "popup" there's where Opera Mini fall short.

    with banner if you set the page as single column the site contents won't be covered.

    another downfall is embedded frame. it won't be rendered correctly.

    to download from usercloud use High Saving instead. the popup apparently necessary to continue downloading from the site.

  • yes u're right... pop up are blocked, but ads are not anything blocked