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scoped_dir folders in downloads directory

  • Same here. Anyone sorted it out?
    Crazy is that everything was ok before reinstalling my OS. Now this issue. Same OS, same everything.
    Win10, Opera 38.0.2220.29

  • Same problem, fresh windows 7 - 64bit

  • Happens for me as well. Using Opera Beta 38.0.2220.25 on Win7.
    Seps to reproduce:

    1. Download an executable.
    2. Launch it from Downloads section.
    3. A scopeddir{random numbers} folder will be created in the same folder with the downloaded executable and copy of the file will be put there.

    I also have been having this problem. First started with and now with Both Win 7 and Win 8 machines.

    I can reproduce following the above steps.

  • Does it happens no matter on which directory you save the file? Does it happens only if you run the file from Opera?

  • It happen only when i open (setup file) from opera.

    If i save file in system partition, then scoped_dir is created in AppData\Local\Temp

    All scoped_dir are removed when i close opera.

    scoped_dir is created before i click open in Open File - Security Warning Message

    (my english suck, forgive me)

  • Does it happens no matter on which directory you save the file? Does it happens only if you run the file from Opera?

    It happens no matter what directory I save it to when I start it from Opera. It puts the scoped dir in the dir that you saved the file in. If you start it outside of Opera it doesn't create the scoped dir.

  • OK, now i could reproduce it.

  • Same problem here, also on Windows 10.

  • +1 (Windows 10, Oper Version: 39.0.2256.48)

  • same problem at work and home. and now at neighbor's pc. scoped dir_####_##### created after downloading .exe files. skype installer and some others... OS are win 10 and win 7

  • Guys,i think i have a possible fix for this.

    While you are downloading a .EXE file,open the file where the file is going to appear and when it done,click it in the folder,don't click it through Opera.

    I have tested this out and the folder appeared when i clicked it in Opera (the .EXE file) but if i open the file at its destination,i will work perfectly without any scoped_dir folders.

  • Windows 10, Opera 42.0.2393.94 - same story.
    Devs, please fix it. Workaround is not a fix.

  • Irritating these scoped_dirs

  • Same issue.

    On Windows 10 Version 1607, Download file to root of partition

  • +1
    Win7 x64, Opera 43.0.2442.1144
    Last folder {scoped_dir_yyyy_zzzz} was created 28/02/17. Today i download an .exe file, the folder does not appear. Maybe it's finally fixed?

  • I'm still having this issue.. Sweet baby Jesus, how long will this take to fix?? Even removing all plugins / reinstalling doesn't work. When I run an exe in my download folder, double clicking the bar after the download, it creates scoped_folder_random EVERY time. This is a deal breaker for me, but I've found a 0-day in Chrome which uses Chromium so I won't be using Opera for the time being, but it is my favorite browser.

  • Ups!
    He does the same in my case too! :lol:

  • Same here!! 😞

  • Sweet baby Jesus, how long will this take to fix??

    Same here 😃

  • Hello, at opening downloaded application from opera created scopeddir* folder and keep alive afer execution. As result a lot of folders in downloads directory. Google didn't help. Any ideas?

    The issue the OP noted has been occurring since last February/March... it is an opera issue.

    If anything, Opera is sand-boxing the downloaded container when a user executes the container within opera downloads.

    There's nothing to be concerned about, just delete the scopeddir* folder and it's contents. The original file you downloaded will still be in the location you downloaded the file to. If you do not want, or too lazy, to delete the scopeddir* folder and it's contents then do not run / execute the downloaded item through Opera.

    The contents of the scopeddir* folder is just a copy of the original file you downloaded, explicitly when you executed the file through Opera.

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